In 2017, carbon dioxide emissions from power stations accounted for about a fifth of all CO2 emissions in the UK

Electricity consumption peaked in 2005 and has slightly reduced since then

The increase in renewable electricity production in the UK has facilitated the closure of two coal power stations in recent years

Electricity accounts for 16% of carbon emissions of the average UK household

Sources: Dept. for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, 2017 UK GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS, PROVISIONAL FIGURES (29 March 2018),

Switch to a renewable energy supplier, preferably one that also invests in new renewable capacity

e.g. Ecotricity, Good Energy, Octopus Energy, Bulb, LoCO2,

Invest in community energy schemes

Crowd funding platforms like Triodos, Abundance, etc.

At home

Switch appliances off rather than leaving them on standby,

LED bulbs use less electricity than Halogen bulbs,

Use a washing line rather than a tumble drier,

Check energy ratings when buying a new appliance,

Turn off the dishwasher at the beginning of the drying cycle and open its door instead.,