A quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions come from food production

 58% of this from animal products      

Half of this from beef

Growing protein-rich plants needs much less land and resources and produces a fraction of greenhouse gases

Worldwide an estimated one third of food is lost or wasted; much of it before it reaches the shops as it doesn’t have the right shape or colour

Food waste costs the UK around £17 billion a year (£470 to an average household),,

Eat less meat:

especially beef and lamb

Reduce the size of meat portions; use it more as flavouring than the main component of a meal

Eat less dairy, especially hard cheese

Try vegetarian recipes: Beans, nuts, pulses, tofu are rich in protein

Avoid food waste:

Include wonky fruit and veg when you go shopping.

Many foods can be safely used after the best before date

Turn left-overs into a tasty meal: stir-fries, omelettes, casseroles, bakes, tartes, salads, soups …

Leafy tops of carrots, beetroot, radish are good in soups

Favour local, seasonal, and organic food:                       see ‘shopping’ sheet (this is in Sheffield),,,  Michael Pollan: Food Rules