Parish Council Minutes September 11th 2019

Minutes St Francis Parish Council meeting Sept 11th 2019 at 19:00-20:30

1. Welcome prayer

2. Apologies: Phil, Lindsay, Stephen.

Present: Nick Neal (Chair), Anthony Rossiter (Secretary), Fr Kevin, Belinda Barber, Mike Campbell, Ann Shepherd, Clare Byrne Mike Campbell

3. Matters arising from July meeting and related matters.

a. Parish directory update: Clare is doing this, still ongoing.

b. Diocesan directory of social action: Nick with Anne are leading on this. The main idea is that the Church is trying to bring related activities under a common umbrella as a form of encouragement and record keeping. However information and purpose still partially unclear.

It was noted under this theme that we could do more to support SVP in the parish, but the counter argument is that we may be better actively supporting “Care in Crosspool” rather than duplicating.

c. CAFÉ course: We have a free course. Clare and Nick watched and think it is appropriate for Lent and propose to run 4 sessions based on Hope at that point. Clare looking at possible dates.

On a similar theme, both Father Kevin and Clare proposed we consider using “The Big Picture” for a longer course linked to the Bible (12 sessions).  Bishop is actively encouraging this course as linked to 2020, “year of the word”. Lindsay and Clare aim to get a copy,  check out and plan. Notional plan for post Easter and Autumn 2020.

Diocesan meeting to discuss confirmation courses in Sept. Stephen and Richard will be going.

4. Reports and items from different areas (if required):

  • Mission, Evangelisation and Faith Formation Justice and Peace (Belinda and Mike will take over as council contacts).
  • Creation evening of prayer talk and silence on Friday Oct 18. Eva and Stephen organising.
  • There is a similar event at St Columba a week later, as part of “city of sanctuary”. Council agreed to donate £25 as requested.

5. Maintenance and infrastructure:

• Trees issue with neighbour. Nick saw him on 11th. The Parish trees are causing excessive shade and probably too large. Tom Garrad from Diocese has suggested a tree surgeon and is following up. First we need to do a full survey of all our trees and advise on required action. It will cost £400 just for review, but the Diocese is likely to insist we do this regardless as part of new policies.

• Update on dangerous wall. Tom Garrad came and looked at it. The wall actually belongs to neighbour, although it is our side that is a problem. The neighbour is going to take this forward but likely will do in bits. The council agreed in principle to contribute to costs.

• Discussion on trolley for amplifier/speakers. Anthony to speak to Liz and Chris Dingle to understand their usage by the  pantomime team before we propose the most cost effective way forward as there is a concern that the equipment may be somewhat dated and thus not cost effective to repair.

• Use of cupboard space in the hall. Grazyna has agreed to sort it when she gets back from Poland.

6. AOB

Parish day on Oct 6. Proposed a bring something to share for lunch after mass. Clare to put in newsletter.

7. Finishing prayer

Next meeting Wed Nov 13th at 7pm