Parish Activities

Activities and groups within the parish.

Dance Club

This is for ladies of any age and ability and complete beginners are very welcome. The practices take place in the Scout Headquarters on Benty Lane between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m each Thursday evening. The cost is £35 for 5 weeks. The classes are led by fully-qualified dance tutors. We incorporate a wide range of dance types, with the aim of having fun and enjoyment, culminating in the staging of an annual show which raises money for charities supported by the parish. For further details, contact Grazyna Swales.

The Upper Room

The Upper Room is the name of the youth group in St Francis of Assisi parish but anyone in year 10 or above from any parish or none is welcome to attend. The group usually meets at St Francis from 7pm to 9.30pm on the second to last Wednesday of every month except August.

A typical meeting will involve the members socialising over a shared meal, which they prepare and cook together, followed by a 45 minute activity engaging with some aspect of faith. For more information, please email the group leader Richard Bushell or speak to him after Mass on Sunday.

The 200 Club

We run this lottery to raise money for the Parish. Membership entitles you to enter twelve draws per year. A total of £640 is paid out in prizes each year, £30 in eight months of the year and £100 each quarter. The club usually raises over £600 per year for the parish.

You can join by contacting Bernie Shepherd on 07891 969733. You will need to set up a standing order for £13 a year, payable annually to the Club – a sum equivalent to only 25p per week! Some parishioners have two or even three tokens in each draw; there is no limit to the number of tokens you can purchase. (Registered under the Gaming Act 2005).

Welcoming of new Parishoners

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to anyone joining our parish for the first time. We offer a home visit from members of our parish council. As well as giving you a formal welcome to St Francis of Assisi, they can outline the range of activities and facilities available within the parish. If you’re new, please send us a message and we’ll get in touch.