Justice and Peace Minutes – Minutes of meeting 09.09.2020

Present : Stephen and Eva, Sian, Sarah B, Sarah L

Apologies : Tim & Susanna


There was a discussion about the sharing of information within the parish. Although information is currently  on the website, it is not visible and difficult to locate. We also lack info such as the prayer list, what’s happening in the rest of the diocese, where mass is taking place, etc. The issue of the need to have the bulletin on the website to communicate information has been raised with both Fr Kevin and the Parish Council.

Food Bank

Eva was concerned about support for the food bank. She has asked if the box could be available for foodbank again when church restarts but Fr Kevin couldn’t confirm that. That could maybe be raised with the inspectors from the diocese when they visit us to approve our premises to reopen.

Sarah B mentioned the food banks are doing okay at the moment, after a reduction in demand in August. It is anticipated demand will rise through the autumn.

Family Fast Day

CAFOD are pushing this, given the significant fundraising shortfall. There are several ways to donate to CAFOD. One would be through the envelope system so Stephen suggests these could be put out every Sunday in October given fewer people will be attending mass. Envelopes are allowed – certainly they were available at St William’s when Stephen and Eva went there recently. There can also be giving via contactless devices. Stephen suggests putting out an email request through the mailing lists we have such as Vurch and Ascent to try to get people to donate online. If we get a bulletin back up and running, we could draw attention to it in there. We can draw parishioners’ attention to the savings many people have made in their lives because of the pandemic, some of which could go to CAFOD. CAFOD don’t have a particular focus this time round apart from COVID. Stephen will organise the boxes for church and contact Vurch and Ascent for an email appeal.