Justice and Peace Minutes – Minutes of meeting 29.01.2020

Present : Sian, Stephen, Eva, Tim, Susanne, Sarah B, Sarah L

Church Action on Poverty

Suggestion that we have a service on Poverty Sunday (23rd February). We felt we couldn’t achieve too much but we might be able to have a special bidding prayers something in the newsletter. It was also suggested if Stephen Parker was doing the sermon he could get a mention in – Stephen will mention that to him. Sarah B will check if St Colombo’s are doing something that Sunday. Stephen will also check with Fr Kevin if there could be a second collection (SVP, Shelter?) and also we can have additional bidding prayer(s).


Creation Event was felt to be a success.

The panto was successful as ever and a good sum was raised for CAFOD.

The Dance Group are imminently having their event, more good fundraising being done.

In Advent funds were raised through the “sticker campaign” for a solar panelled lamppost for a refugee camp, £355.

The petition around climate change was very successful, with almost everyone who was asked signing up.

Food Bank

Sarah B is going to the network meeting next week. Stocks are normally good over Christmas but it drops off as the new year progresses. Demand is going up due to the implementation of Universal Credit. Sarah B will put a reminder in when it seems appropriate.  Delivery is done on a rota, a month at a time.


There is a CAFOD diocescan meeting tomorrow which Stephen is attending. The current campaign is a modification of the climate change one, (called cross-generation climate change) each of 12 regions around the country adopting a ‘climate warrior’ for our region.  Stephen mentioned though there was a subsidiary campaign around climate change and education and gender equality, and wondered if this might be different. Sarah B wondered if it was a more complex issue to explain.  Stephen would be happy to feed back at the next meeting, circulating something in advance.


The prayer thoughts last year were very well received. Tim agreed to lead on this and will give it some thought before emailing round the group.

NB : Anything written should be dyslexia friendly font and maybe a slightly larger sized font. Alternatively we could post anything written on the parish website, so that people could print off in an appropriate font themselves, primarily to save paper in any initial printing.

Next meeting 1 April at 8pm