Parish Council Minutes March. 11th 2020

Minutes St Francis Parish Council meeting Sept 11th 2019 at 19:00-20:30

1. Welcome prayer

2. Apologies: Phil, Jackie, Stephen.

Present: Nick Neal (Chair), Anthony Rossiter (Secretary), Fr Kevin, Belinda Barber, Mike Campbell, Ann Shepherd, Clare Byrne.

3. Big picture: A small group has been doing a trial; it is going well. It has been challenging for members but worthwhile and developmental. This small group is planning for a roll out to the parish after Easter on Monday evenings; currently publicised in newsletter with April 27 start (this might be delayed due to coronovirus issues). The current group is mostly female and so they would like more males. The  course involves doing some Bible readings and reflections each day and meeting once a week to share and discuss.

It is cheaper to buy the required book via the Parish who moreover can get on sale or return. It was agreed that initially the Parish would subsidise/purchase so people are not put off from participating. We could ask for contributions later.

We also intend to advertise in partner parishes (St Williams, St Vincent’s and Sacred Heart). On a related note, Greg Ryan also offered to come and give a talk to Parish at some point, for example, how to get started with the Bible?

4. Lindsay Graduated in the summer. She and other graduates are meeting regularly and planning on how they can support each other use this to contribute to parish life.

5. The troublesome trees have come down and cost £3000. However, this has opened up the front nicely. Moreover, we had a thank you from neighbour for clearing the back of lots of trees as this has improved their light.

6. We have heard nothing about the dangerous wall. It is owned by neighbour so it is their responsibility. However, lots of overgrown ivy has been removed.

7. The cupboard in the hall is getting too full or messy and so needs tidying. Clare thinks it is on Geraldine’s list, while she is helping Father Kevin with the office so no action was decided for now.

8. There was a request from care in Crosspool for some cash support, £1500. They offer support, visits, respite and so forth within the Crosspool region. The feeling was we should be supporting local charities, but perhaps the amount was large. Consensus was to propose £1000. We will ask the finance committee to sort out.

9. The dance club performers want a Sunday matinee so they do not have to do 2 performances on a Saturday. Apart from the need to avoid lent, there were no substantive objections but a mild concern that it would be harder to open screens if needed for Sunday morning mass.

10. The AGM is Tues May 11 at 7.30pm. Council members were reminded of the need to provide reports for their responsibility areas (to Nick in plenty of time for printing).  Clare and Anthony are reaching the end of their terms and need replacing. We need refreshments organising (tea, cake, wine) although no decision was taken for now on who would take the lead.


We need parish council member to look at new safeguarding rules, H&S, paperwork etc. Lots of new forms needed for groups hiring parish hall. Nick is taking a look but it may not impact on most current users.

Some materials about dedication of UK to the dowry of Mary will be distributed at mass.

There will be a temporary suspension of the sign of peace and changes to holy communion distribution due to the coronavirus. Also Holy water stoops to be emptied. Anything that is shared should not be used for the time being, e.g hymn and mass books, towels, etc. More comprehensive guidance will be placed on the website.