Parish Council Minutes – Tuesday 19 September 2017


  • Fr Kevin Thornton
  • Anthony Rossiter
  • Stephen Spooner
  • Eva Kaltenthaler
  • Anne Shepherd
  • Lyndsey Reynolds
  • Nick Neale
  • Claire Byrne
  • David Hughes


  • Dave Stanley
  • Deacon Steven Parker

1. Opening Prayer

Fr. Kevin led the opening prayer.

2. Approval of the last minutes and matters arising

The minutes from the July meeting were approved.

3. The Parish Directory

The Parish Directory has now been updated. Parish council members are listed under roles/responsibilities/sections.

Further discussion at next meeting will decide about the availability/form of contact details.

A copy of the updated directory will then be added to our Parish website.

4. Any other business

  1. A discussion took place regarding the future appointment of catechists for baptism. Details of the relevant training for this role are to be acquired from the diocese. Lyndsey Reynolds offered to find out more details.
  2. It was agreed that ‘Evangelisation’ would be a key item on the agenda of the next Parish council meeting. Discussion to be held on how our Parish can take this forward.
  3. The Parish Day is the 1/10/2017.
    A request for ‘home baking’ to support this celebration to be placed in the Franciscan.
  4. Justice and Peace
    The S2 food bank – it would be useful if food items in particular demand could be highlighted. Financial support is also to be requested in the future to support the food bank initiative.
    The Diocesan Justice and Peace Day will take place on the 28/10/2017. Lyndsey Reynolds will attend this.
    The ‘Connect 2’ initiative will go ahead where the Parish may connect with an overseas Parish e.g. Ethiopia.
  5. The Organ at St. Marie’s Cathedral has been restored. Hugh Finnigan has asked if each Parish in the diocese would hold a concert in support of part of the restoration fund.
    Parish council members felt that a concert in the Parish would be a great opportunity for a social event. It was hoped that the concert could be scheduled for early November 2017.
    Anne volunteered to contact Hugh and discuss this further.
  6. Ezekiel Ghunda from Milawi is unable to continue with his training into the Priesthood. Parish funds are to be made available and transferred for training another student.

5. Date of next meeting

  • Tuesday 21.11.2017

6. Closing Prayer

Fr. Kevin Thornton led the closing prayer.

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