Parish Council Minutes – Tuesday 18 July 2017


  • Fr Kevin Thornton
  • Deacon Stephen Parker
  • Clare Byrne
  • Eva Kaltenthaler
  • Lyndsey Reynolds
  • Anne Shepherd
  • Anthony Rossiter
  • Stephen Spooner
  • Dave Stanley


  • David Hughes
  • Julie Hughes
  • Nick Neale

1. Opening Prayer

Fr. Kevin opened the meeting with a prayer.

2. Approval of the last minutes and matters arising

The AGM was held on Tuesday 16 May after the evening Mass. Each group had given a report.

  • Justice & Peace – Eva Kaltenthaler/Sian Porter
  • Maintenance/Diocesan Toolbox – David Hughes
  • Dave Stanley – Communication
  • Anne Shepherd – Hallam Churches Together/Pastoral Care
  • Julie Hughes – Parish Council secretary/ Pastoral Care
  • Lindsay Reynolds – Mission/Evangelisation/Faith Formation and Pastoral Care

Faith Formation events would be Diocesan led. Faith sharing would be parish based.

Taize events would continue during Advent and Lent.

Hallam Church events would be advertised earlier.

3. News from the Hallam Diocese

Fr Stan PP in Deepcar & Penistone will retire August 2017. Masses will be covered by St Mary’s, High Green, Sacred Heart and the Cathedral.

Consultation meetings about the future of the Diocese will re-commence September and will try to work out where Masses will be celebrated and how
North/South can work together. There is limited manpower and cuts are inevitable. Opportunities for people to help more will hopefully be made.

Fr Lee Marshall will be looking after the two University Chaplaincies.

A Vincentian priest working in the Diocese has returned to Africa.

Fr Shaun Smith (PP Sacred Heart Church) will retire in March 2018.

4. Parish News

Stephen Parker and Stephen Spooner will lead the Parish Retreat Day on Saturday 30 September at St Francis Church – more details nearer the time but
this event will be advertised soon to remind everyone to keep the day free if possible.

The Bereavement Support group had ceased some time ago.

Catechists are needed for Baptism Preparation.

50% of parishioners had completed the recent questionnaire and Lindsay will circulate the results.

2018 Synod on Youth – item closed on Facebook.

Children’s Liturgy group – the new venue upstairs was going well, safety issues with the stairs well looked after. Storage boxes from IKEA would be purchased. Dave Hughes had suggested safety protectors for the electric sockets and these had been fitted by Bruce Byrne. The childrens books under the stairs to be sorted out.

5. Any other business

There will be a retreat Day in Lent given by a priest from Ampleforth. More news at the next meeting. Dave Stanley offered to design a poster.

A discussion was held to appoint a new Chairperson for the Parish Council. It was decided to appoint Anthony Rossiter who willingly accepted.

It was decided to re-look at the Parish Directory as it had been a while since any were given out.

Contact details of the council will be circulated.

A document will be prepared describing details of work in the parish and who to contact. Council members are asked to pass details to Anthony.

6. Dates of the next meetings

  • September 19
  • November 21
  • January 16

7. Closing Prayer

Deacon Stephen Parker closed the meeting with a prayer at 9:30pm

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