Parish Council Minutes – Tuesday 16 May 2017 – Annual General Meeting


  • Fr Kevin Thornton
  • Deacon Stephen Parker
  • Greg Ryan (Chair)
  • Dave Stanley
  • Anne Shepherd
  • David Hughes
  • Julie Hughes (Minutes)
  • Lyndsey Reynolds
  • Derek Hemmingfield
  • Belinda Barber
  • Anthony Rossiter
  • Diane Rossiter
  • Clare Byrne
  • Bernie Shepherd
  • Phil Rostant
  • Julie Hull
  • Sian Price
  • John Green
  • Anne Green
  • Ron Jarman
  • Norma Smith
  • Stephen Davies
  • Alex Krzyz
  • Sarah Baker

1. Opening prayer

Fr. Kevin led the opening prayer.

2. Annual Report

Greg Ryan opened the meeting and welcomed the parishioners in attendance. The purpose of the AGM was outlined which was to hear annual reports from the different groups, invite questions/feedback from parishioners after each presentation and to elect new members of the Parish Council. Greg also informed parish members that he was standing down as ‘chair’ as he and his family are leaving the parish.

Stephen Parker presented a report from the Liturgy and Spirituality group. He discussed activities which had been held over the past year. Future events are to include a Parish retreat and a day of recollection is to take place on 30.09.2017. Stephen emphasised the vibrant liturgical community of our Parish.

Sian Price presented a report from the Justice and Peace group. John Green is to retire as ‘minute taker’ for the group and was thanked for his valuable contribution. Fund raising events throughout the year have included the Pantomime, Dance Club, Water Project. The meeting was informed that the Food Bank requires donations of money as well as food. There has been support for refugees, asylum seekers and money has been raised for the SVP. Aims for next year are for the group to be aligned more closely with the Diocesan Justice and Peace group. Tim Baron is arranging for Standing Orders to be set up for the food bank. There is to be support for some Muslim charities.

David Hughes presented a report on Building and Maintenance. Two main projects have been undertaken over the year. These were Fire Safety and Emergency lighting. The Health and Safety toolbox which is a computer programme which assists with the process of assessing risk has now been significantly established for our parish.

Lyndsey Reynolds presented a report on Mission, Evangelisation and Faith formation. Over the past year there have been 2 main events:

  1. ‘Joy of the Gospel’ course
  2. Taize evening and Jazz evening

National and Deanery events had included: Catholic Peoples Weeks(CPW), Laudato Si, Diocesan Emmaus course. For the future it is hoped that a parish group can be established to contribute ideas on the Mission and Evangelism of the church.

Julie Hughes presented information from the Pastoral Care group and emphasised that the group have aimed to support some of the well-established activities which take place throughout the year in our parish.

Dave Stanley presented a report on Communication. The Parish notice boards have been re-organised this year. A facebook page for the parish has now been piloted.

Anne Shepherd presented a report on ‘Hallam Churches Together’. This includes 6 churches in our local community. Anne spoke of some of the pastoral work and groups which take place facilitated by the church communities.

Please see the full Parish Council Annual Report 2016-17.

3. Finance Report

Derek Hemmingfield presented a report on the finances of the Parish.

4. Views and suggestions from the Parish

John Green advised regarding maintenance work required to the church door.

It was suggested that a notice be displayed in the Narthex highlighting that we now have a defribulator positioned in the hall.

Sheffield Parishes Together

Greg spoke about the fact that the number of priests are reducing in our Diocese. Lyndsey Reynolds and Chris Dingle are representing St. Francis Parish in meetings and discussions with respect to ‘Planning the Way forward for Sheffield Parishes’. The next meeting will take place at the Hallam Pastoral Centre 7pm-9pm on 20.07.2017. See a report of the current situation and main themes of the meeting which was held earlier this year.

5. Election of new Parish Councillors

Three new Parish Councillors were elected. These were Anthony Rossiter, Clare Byrne and Nick Neale.

The next meeting of the Parish Council is to be confirmed in the near future.

6. Any other Business

There was no other business.

7. Closing Prayer

Deacon Stephen Parker led the closing prayer.

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