Parish Council Minutes – Tuesday 21 November 2017


  • Fr Kevin Thornton
  • Anthony Rossiter (chair)
  • Anne Shepherd
  • Lyndsey Reynolds
  • Claire Byrne
  • David Hughes
  • Julie Hughes
  • Dave Stanley


  • Deacon Steven Parker
  • Stephen Spooner
  • Eva Kaltenthaler
  • Nick Neale

1. Opening Prayer

Fr. Kevin led the opening prayer.

2. Approval of the last minutes

The minutes from the September 2017 meeting were approved.

3. Matters arising from the last meeting

a) Suggestion box – suggestions from Parishioners were as follows:

  1. A suggestion was put forward that there could be one mass only on Sunday mornings. Father confirmed that while he is fit and able he is happy to continue to have 2 masses.
  2. A home visit could be offered to new Parishioners. It was decided that the offer of a home visit should be available. This information could be clear on the Parish website (Dave Stanley to action) and in talks with Father it has been agreed that he will pass on information about new parishioners to the parish council.
    ACTION: The council needs to identify suitable parishioners (in pairs) who are happy to do these visits.
  3. An enquiry was made as to whether Sunday sermons could be recorded. Father Kevin stated that this was not a possibility.
  4. It was suggested that the Parish website should have information regarding the Hallam Caring Service on the website. Dave Stanley to action if feasible.
  5. A request for support of elderly Parishioners to attend mass by the provision of car lifts. A list of volunteers who would be interested in supporting is required but such people would need to be DBS checked before we offer the service. ACTION: Anthony to liaise with Bobbo over the DBS issue before we actively seek volunteers in the new year. Diane Rossiter has agreed to be the coordinator once we are ready to deliver the service.
  6. Suggestion about fundraising for CAFOD Youth constructing a ‘Tippy Tap’ outside. Eva to follow up on this.
  7. An enquiry regarding a retreat recorded by Father Raniera Cantelamesse. Father confirmed that the Diocese already runs a number of similar retreats so it is best not to spread ourselves too thin on such things.
  8. The Dance club asked if a cheaper hall hire rate was possible. Clarification to be sought regarding the current hourly rate of hall hire fees. It was agreed that the reduction currently offered was already quite generous. Anthony to write to Grazyna to confirm the answer was no.
  9. Concerns raised about the chairs in the hall which may need recovering. Concerns raised regarding the lighting of candles. ACTION: David Hughes to risk assess these items.
  10. A request for more Parish social events was made. ACTION: A future social event for the Parish to be placed on the agenda and discussed at the next meeting.
    Likely not to want anything before Easter which is early in 2018.

b) Parish Directory: ACTION: all council members to check that the named Parishioners are happy for their contact details to be made available so this can
be distributed in the new year.

c) Update on Baptismal Catechists. Lyndsey Reynolds has contacted Fr. John Ryan regarding possible training for this role. ACTION: Lyndsey to ask for
interested parties within the Parish to come forward once details of training has been confirmed.

d) Feedback on Justice & Peace Day – covenant for the poor to be refreshed.

4. Evangelisation

‘Evangelisation’ to be placed on the January 2018 agenda.

5. The Loyola certificate in Pastoral Ministry

Lyndsey is interested in completing this. The parish council agreed to support Lyndsey in this, both as a parish representative and with the recommended financial contribution. (She has recently confirmed her acceptance on the course.)

6. Any other business

a) MISSIO: St. Francis are offering support to Seminarian: Peter Chaimapadoko of Malawi. Peter will be ordained in 2021.

b) St. Marie’s organ restoration fund. A concert is to be held on 8.12.2017 at St. Francis. This is free of charge but donations will be welcome.

7. Date of next meeting

Tuesday 16.01.2018 at 8pm.

8. Closing Prayer

Fr. Kevin led the closing prayer.

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