Parish Council Minutes – Tuesday 19 January 2016


  • Lindsay Reynolds
  • Anne Shepherd
  • Dave Stanley
  • Suzanne Staub
  • Belinda Barber
  • Father Kevin Thornton
  • Eva Kaltenthaler (minutes)
  • Stephen Spooner (chair)
  • Stephen Parker


  • Greg Ryan

1. Opening prayer:

Father Kevin led the opening prayer.

2. Approval of last minutes and matters arising.

The minutes from the 17 November meeting were approved.

Matters arising:

The revised constitution will be discussed at the next meeting. Eva will forward the final version to Jayne so that it can be put on the Parish website.

£82 was raised for the Stars for Hallam Bethlehem Fund and the Parish has received a thank you letter.

3. Reports from each Section

Maintenance & Finance (Stephen and Anne)

A quotation has been received from Dalton Roofing to make the roof secure. The extreme weather has taken its toll on the roof. The quote is for £4000 to take the tiles off, replace broken ones, and put holes in the tiles and screw them down. It was agreed that this should go ahead.

Action: Stephen Spooner will contact Dalton Roofing to organise this.

Anne and Stephen will meet with Tom Garrud on 25 Jan at the Pastoral Centre to discuss the Health and Safety Toolkit. All relevant certificates will be located and uploaded on to the site as required.

Action: It is hoped by May all certificates will be up to date and loaded onto the site.

Other repairs: the organ repair has been completed. Repairs to the Lady of Compassion chapel, garage, and pointing will be completed by the end of January.

The three parking bays will be made into two disabled parking bays. We now have a quote for this work.

Action: Stephen Spooner to contact T. Elliot to get details and organise this.

Evangelisation and Faith Formation (Lindsay, Suzanne and Greg)

The group is still working through the Evangelii Gaudium document. The remit of this group is still a work in progress. The group will develop some ideas
and present to the parish council. One option would be to use the Proclaim 15 talks which can be downloaded from the website. A series of these talks may
be presented to the Parish.

Action: The group will meet together with Stephen Parker to present an action plan to the Parish Council at the next meeting.

Pastoral Care and Community (Belinda)

Belinda and Anne went to a churches together meeting and reported on a range of events. They will put information about some of these events into the Franciscan as they may be of interest to the Parish. The next meeting of Hallam Churches Together will be at St Francis on 25 April 2016. Father Kevin and
Stephen Parker will attend.

Justice and Peace (Eva)

Stephen Spooner gave a report of the various CAFOD campaigns at the moment. The Justice and Peace Group will meet on January 25th to decide which campaigns to focus on.

Family Fast Day is coming up and there will be a big push for this. The Panto again raised a considerable amount of money. A cake sale is planned in the
spring for CAFOD. The next dance club production will raise money for the CAFOD Refugee Appeal. They always do extremely well and raise a lot of money.

Liturgy and Spirituality (Stephen Spooner and Stephen Parker)

A penitential Lenten Service was suggested based on the theme of Mercy. This would include readings and Taize chants. Confession would be offered.

Action: Stephen Parker, Greg, Stephen Spooner and Father Kevin to meet to plan the service.

Communication (Dave)

Dave will meet with Jayne to discuss the website and the Franciscan. Dave is also to look at the Parish council e-mail account and ensure all e-mails are answered. He will look into adding Father Kevin’s e-mail to the website. He will explore ways of communicating and building community within the parish. He may ask for volunteers from the parish to help.

Action: Dave to report at the next meeting on communication progress.

4. Any other business

  1. A copy of the Parish Directory has been obtained and it will be discussed at the next meeting whether or not all groups listed need to fit under one of the Parish Council sections.
  2. Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificates can now be updated on line. The new processes will be discussed with Bobbo.
  3. We have received a request for donations to support the training of priests in developing countries. This will be discussed at the next meeting.

5. Date of next meeting

15 March 2016.

6. Closing Prayer:

Father Kevin led the closing prayer.

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