Parish Council Minutes – Tuesday 17 November 2015


  • Lindsay Reynolds
  • Anne Shepherd
  • Dave Stanley (minutes)
  • Suzanne Staub
  • Belinda Barber
  • Father Kevin Thornton
  • Greg Ryan


  • Eva Kaltenthaler
  • Stephen Spooner
  • Stephen Parker

1. Opening prayer: Father Kevin led the opening prayer.

2. Approval of last minutes and matters arising.

The minutes from the 15 September meeting were approved.

Matters arising:

Speed of cars on Sandygate Road – a reply has been received from the council. Unfortunately it is not a high priority for them.

Health and Safety toolbox – Stephen has contacted Tom Garrud at the Pastoral Centre and will meet with him again.

Tea Group – has now started. No specific assistance needed from Parish Council other than to ensure it is listed on the parish website.

3. Reports from each Section

Maintenance & Finance Meeting Tom Garrud at the Pastoral Centre in December to go through the Health & Safety toolbox.

Action:Consideration needs to be given as to how the sub-group ensures that financial matters are considered as part of its remit.

Mission, evangelisation and faith formation (Lindsay, Suzanne & Greg) Proclaim 15 will be introduced to Parish on 6 December through a piece in the newsletter and an announcement at mass. The sub-group will make use of  Evangelii Gaudium as its guiding document. In the period from Christmas to Lent
they have committed to work through it together and learn more about it. The wider Parish Council are also welcome to participate in this. Proclaim 15 and Year of Mercy are seen as a springboard for activity. The hope is to do something in Lent, linking to Year of Mercy. Currently reviewing the groups that fall into
this section and making sure the directory is up to date.

Pastoral Care and Community (Belinda) Anne attended the very popular brass band event at Stephen Hill on 9 October. The World Bring and Sing took place at the Congregationalist Church at Tapton last Saturday and was attended by Belinda. The next event in the calendar is Hallam Churches Together, 7.30pm 18 January at St Columba’s.

Action: At the next meeting we want to begin reviewing the gaps eg the dearth of volunteers. We need to have a serious think about how we go about this, which activities need volunteers and what gaps there are. There are opportunities to learn from other parishes.

Justice and Peace (Written update from Stephen S)

People are being made aware of the refugee crisis and how they can help.

Family fast day was not as successful as previous years.

Parish panto is coming up soon which will raise money for CAFOD.

Liturgy & Spirituality

We are short of Eucharistic Ministers.

Communication (Dave)

Dave is currently in the middle of moving house, but hopes to bring some thoughts on how to go about reviewing the parish’s communications to the next meeting.

4. Approval of revised constitution

The new constitution was approved subject to two amendments:

  1. To remove the word “mission” from the “Mission, evangelisation and faith formation” title so that it instead becomes “Evangelisation and Faith Formation”.
  2. Subject to Stephen and Eva’s approval it is proposed to remove the words “Sacramental Preparation” from the section title as it’s a specific activity rather
    than an area.

5. Any other business

  1. Claire Gavin deals with hall bookings. Anne to contact Claire and let her know she can be a point of contact with the parish council.
  2. Every activity within the parish should link back into the parish council in some way. Using the parish directory as a checklist, each sub-group of parish council
    will indicate which activities fall within its remit. Jayne Middlemas may have an electronic copy of the directory. Dave will set up a spreadsheet. This list can then
    be used to update the website.
  3. Council agrees that the Maintenance sub-group can look into converting 3 parking bays into 2 disabled bays. Tim Eliot may be a good contact.
  4. Greg requested funds for another music stand and clip on lights, and a copy of Laudate (melody) for the expanding music group.
  5. Taize evening in advent: Greg to provide a date. Possibly 22nd December or 1st December.
  6. Maintenance: the organ stool needs to be repaired as the wood has splintered. Fr Kevin has a number of a possible joiner.
  7. Suzanne will be fundraising for the Hallam Bethlehem Fund during Advent. They wish to purchase land for a care home building in Bethlehem. She requested funds for an artificial Christmas tree, which will be placed in the Narthex. The plan is to sell stars to decorate the tree during Advent.
  8. What are we planning for The Year of Mercy? The Mass to open the Year of Mercy is on Tuesday 8th December at the Cathedral. Possible ideas include: a penitential service in Lent, something involving art e.g. Caravaggio’s Prodigal Son, something on Luke’s Gospel and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

6. Date of next meeting

19 January 2016.

7. Closing Prayer: Father Kevin led the closing prayer.

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