Parish Council Minutes – Tuesday 15 July 2014


  • Fr Kevin Thornton
  • John Green (chair)
  • Belinda Barber
  • Jayne Middlemas (minutes)
  • Jacinta Campbell
  • Greg Ryan
  • Jim Conway
  • Anne Shepherd


  • Gill Foster
  • Stephen Parker
  • Eva Kaltenthaler
  • Stephen Spooner

1. Fr. Kevin led the prayer.

2. Introductions and welcome to new members.

Greg Ryan and Anne Shepherd were welcomed to the Parish Council. The Parish Council also expressed thanks to Rose and Alex Krzyz who have stepped down.

3. The minutes of the last meeting were approved.

John Green presented some printed items from The Tablet relating to the issue of ‘Unaccountable parish Priests’ which was discussed at previous meetings.

4. Feedback from/evaluation of the AGM.

The feeling among the Parish Council was that the number of people attending the AGM was disappointing (in addition to members of the Parish Council, around 10 parishioners attended and apologies were received from 3 parishioners). However, it was felt that if people were unhappy about what the Parish Council were doing, they would have attended the AGM to raise their concerns and so the low attendance was not felt to be a big problem.

Some parishioners who attended, expressed disappointment that the AGM was replacing the Parish Day. However parish councillors reassured them that the Parish Day (with a single Mass and social event afterwards) would still go ahead in October even though the AGM was being held separately.

Some parishioners had also indicated that they felt the actual AGM was too short and that the focus was too much on the social aspects of the cheese and wine afterwards. They felt that each section should have presented their report verbally. It was agreed that this would be considered before the next AGM. It was also agreed that it may be useful to have a meeting after Mass, the week prior to the next AGM. The aim of this would be to gather feedback from parishioners on what the Parish Council was doing well and what they would like them to do in the coming year. This feedback could be reflected on at the AGM.

5. Election of new chairperson

Stephen Spooner had volunteered to chair the Parish Council for the year ahead. Gill Foster had volunteered to remain as deputy chairperson. No other volunteers were forthcoming and Stephen and Gill were elected.

6. Allocation of members to sections

After discussion, it was agreed that parish councillors would represent the following sections.

Liturgy, spirituality & faith formation
Jacinta Campbell
Anne Shepherd
Stephen Spooner
Mission, justice & peace
John Green
Eva Kaltenthaler
Youth work & nurture
Stephen Parker
Greg Ryan
Pastoral care & community
Gill Foster
Belinda Barber
Maintenance & finance
Jim Conway
John Green
Jayne Middlemas

7. Any other business

The Parish Council had received a letter about whether anyone could bring a lady in a wheelchair to Mass each Sunday. Two parish councillors had already volunteered to help but were concerned that there may be some weeks when neither of them was available. It was agreed to include a request for additional volunteers in the Franciscan.

John gave a brief update on the work of the Justice and Peace group. They are continuing to support the S2 food bank. A cake sale is planned for September and it was suggested that the children’s liturgy group could buy blankets for

Jacinta reported that plans were going well for a repeat of the Inspire Guided Prayer week in late September. The Liturgy and Spirituality group had prepared a poster to advertise this. It was agreed that it needed to be advertised in the
Franciscan before the summer. Jacinta also reported that the Inspir prayer group (that evolved from the previous prayer week) will hold a coffee morning in October.

Jayne read an e-mail from Jenny King providing feedback from the North Sheffield Deanery Liturgy and Spirituality Group. The group are planning two half-day seminars on Service of the Word and Communion (in the absence of a Priest) and Children’s Liturgy. They will also provide input to Bishop Ralph’s Mass in the deanery. Jenny also indicated that additional representatives from the Parish on the group would be very welcome. Greg agreed to join the group.

Next meetings:

Tuesday 16th September and Tuesday 18th November.

Action Points

  • Jayne to include a note in the Franciscan about transporting a lady to Mass each Sunday.
  • Jayne to include a note about the Inspir Guided Prayer week in the Franciscan.
  • Greg to contact Jenny King about the next meeting of the North Sheffield Deanery Liturgy and Spirituality Group.

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