Parish Council Minutes – Tuesday 15 September 2015


  • Belinda Barber
  • Eva Kaltenthaler (minutes)
  • Lindsay Reynolds
  • Anne Shepherd
  • Stephen Spooner (chair)
  • Dave Stanley
  • Father Kevin


  • Stephen Parker
  • Greg Ryan
  • Suzanne Staub

1. Opening prayer: Father Kevin led the opening prayer.

2. Approval of last minutes and matters arising.

The minutes from the 21 July meeting were approved.

Matters arising:

Stephen Spooner has written to the council expressing our concerns over the speed of cars on Sandygate Road and enquiring as to whether or not speed restrictions could be put in place. It is currently dangerous to drive out of the church car park.

Eva Kaltenthaler has sent e-mail addresses for all parish council members to all members.

The Health and Safety Toolbox will now be maintained by Anne Shepherd and Stephen Spooner. Stephen will contact Tom Garrad, our Diocesan contact for Health and Safety, to request passwords and an update on how we are to maintain the toolbox. They will then meet with Father Kevin to discuss this. The Parish Council wished to thank John Green, Alex Krys and Jim Conway who have previously worked on this.

Stephen Spooner will contact Anne-Marie Appleton to see what support she needs to start the new Tea Group.

3. Reports from each Section

Each of the six sections presented an update. Changes to the parish webpages reflecting the sections’ revised remits were discussed as well as resulting changes to the constitution.

Justice and Peace (Eva Kaltenthaler): The group is exploring ways the parish can provide support for the current refugee crisis. An A5 sheet of suggestions will be put in the bulletin in the coming weeks. The revised webpage for the group was discussed and the new version was agreed and will be put on the website in the next few weeks.

Maintenance (Anne Shepherd and Stephen Spooner): The roof has now been repaired and the floor refinished. The walls in the Assisi Hall will be painted soon. The pointing on the porch still needs to be repaired as well as an outside wall although there was some discussion as to whether or not this is really necessary. The webpage for this group will remain unchanged.

Communication (Dave Stanley): Dave will rewrite the communications webpage and send the revised version back to the committee.

Pastoral Care and Community (Belinda Barber): The remit for this group will be revised to include Hallam Churches Together, social events for the parish and the newly formed Tea Group. Anne Shepherd will help Belinda with Hallam Churches Together work. Belinda is going to their meeting on 24 September to
discuss the forthcoming programme. The webpage will be updated to reflect the changes.

Mission, Evangelisation and Faith Formation (Lindsay Reynolds, Greg Ryan and Suzanne Staub):
Lindsay presented feedback from the meeting to discuss Proclaim ’15 with Rose and Father Kevin. Several options for the parish were presented and the group will meet again to decide which to take forward. Rose will continue to act as the link between Proclaim ’15 and the parish. The remit for this group is developing and will take some time.

Liturgy, Spirituality and Sacramental Preparation (Stephen Parker and Stephen Spooner): The group is developing a programme of spirituality events for the coming year. They will meet with the Mission, Evangelisation and Faith Formation Group to determine the remits of both group. Webpages for both groups will be developed to reflect the new remits of the groups and will be added to the website later.

The Constitution will be revised to reflect the new names for the sections.

4. Parish Day

The Parish day will be held on 4 October with one Mass at 10am. After Mass there will be tea and cake in the Assisi Hall. Stephen Spooner urged all Parish Council members to attend in order to chat with parishioners. All members were also urged to bring cakes. Stephen Spooner and Eva Kaltenthaler will provide tea, coffee, milk, sugar and squash.

5. Election of Deputy Chair

Greg Ryan was elected as deputy chair.

6. Date of next meeting

17 November 2015, 8pm, Upper room.

Stephen Spooner and Eva Kaltenthaler send their apologies for this meeting which will be chaired by Greg Ryan.

7. Closing Prayer: Father Kevin led the closing prayer.

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