Parish Council Minutes – Tuesday 15March 2016


  • Lindsay Reynolds
  • Anne Shepherd
  • Dave Stanley
  • Belinda Barber
  • Greg Ryan
  • Father Kevin Thornton
  • Eva Kaltenthaler (minutes)
  • Stephen Spooner (chair)
  • Stephen Parker


  • Suzanne Staub

1. Opening prayer:

Stephen Parker led the opening prayer.

2. Approval of last minutes and matters arising.

The minutes from the 19 January meeting were approved.

Matters arising:

The revised constitution was approved. Eva will forward the final version to Jayne so that it can be put on the Parish website.

Dalton Roofing have completed their work and were due to come back to check a leak. Two disabled parking spaces are now in the car park. Anne and Stephen have started work on the Health and Safety tool box. This is an ongoing action. Some certificates have expired and external eople will need to come in to complete the recertification.

Action: Anne and Stephen will present a report to Parish Council on progress at the next meeting.

The penitential Taize Lenten Service evening was well attended.

3. Remits and webpages for each Section

Four remits had already been agreed by the sections:

  • Pastoral Care and Community
  • Liturgy and Spirituality
  • Maintenance and Finance
  • Justice and Peace

The remits for the remaining sections were discussed. There was some discussion as to whether all groups in the Parish should be listed under one of the sections. It was thought preferable that the remit for each group should present the focus and aims of the group rather than just list all parish groups which might fall into their area.

Communication (Dave)

The Parish Council discussed the importance of Parishioners and others looking for information being able to find out about relevant resources and groups in the parish and that the website could be a valuable resource for this. The Parish Council e-mail would be the point of contact for Parish groups and would be managed by Dave.

The Parish Directory needs to be updated and restructured. It was agreed that other methods for sharing information could be considered such as a Facebook page and possible Twitter.

Action: Dave and Eva to look at the website so important information is signposted, and to restructure and update the Parish Directory and to explore options for using new media.

The remit for the communication section was agreed.

Mission, Evangelisation and Faith Formation (Lindsay, Greg and Susanne)

The remit for this group is quite detailed as it was felt as a new group there should be enough detail for the Parish to understand what it is about. This will be presented in more detail at the AGM. Various future actions for this group were discussed including a course on the Joy of the Gospel (4-6 weeks) after Easter.

Action: Greg to organise Joy of the Gospel course.

The remit for the Mission, Evangelisation and Faith Formation section was agreed.

Action: Dave to put all six remits on the Parish webpages and update the names of the sections on the webpages as required.

4. Brief reports from each Section

The brief reports were deferred to the next meeting.

5. Annual general meeting (17 May 2016)

This will have the same format as last year. Each section will give a 5 minute presentation and produce a written summary for the section. These will be printed out and on display during the meeting as well as attached to the minutes of the AGM.

Action: Eva to remind all sections to send their summaries by 3 May.

It was felt important to encourage Parishioners to attend the AGM.

Action: Stephen to speak after Masses to encourage attendance at the AGM. Dave to produce some posters. Eva to put a note in the bulletin.

Stephen and Eva will bring wine, juice, cheese biscuits, tea, coffee and milk.

Action: All Parish Council members to bring cakes to serve.

6. New members

Belinda’s term of office will be finishing so we will need to replace her with a new member. It was agreed that a few additional new members would also be good. A new chair will be elected at the July meeting (19 July).

Action: Stephen to put a note in the bulletin for new members for the Parish Council

7. Any other business

  1. A parish pilgrimage to the Cathedral for the year of mercy was suggested. Action: Stephen Parker to organise Parish pilgrimage.
  2. A Parishioner had raised the issue of purchasing new curtains for the Assisi Hall. The Parish Council considered this request and did not consider this to be a priority at the moment.
  3. We have received a request for donations to support the training of priests in developing countries. This was agreed and the training will be supported.
  4. New Eucharistic ministers are currently being trained and are now called Extraordinary Ministers of Communion.
  5. Belinda informed the group of an event to be held at St Marks Church on Friday 18 March “Come one Come All” This event will include prominent speakers from different faith traditions.
  6. The Liturgy and Spirituality section and the Mission, Evangelisation and Faith Formation section will work together to plan a service for the Year of Mercy.
  7. Preparations are underway for the Bishop’s visit on 8 May to the Parish.

8. Closing Prayer:

Father Kevin led the closing prayer.

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