Parish Council Minutes – Tuesday 17 May 2016 – Annual General Meeting


  • Fr Kevin Thornton
  • Julie Hughes
  • Anne-Marie Appleton
  • Roberta Kelly
  • Belinda Barber
  • James Kelly
  • Clare Byrne
  • Jenny King
  • Jacinta Campbell
  • Alex Krzyz
  • Mike Campbell
  • Richard McQuinn
  • Jim Conway
  • Greg Ryan
  • Ann Green
  • Anne Shepherd
  • John Green
  • Stephen Spooner (chair)
  • Derek Hemmingfield
  • Dave Stanley
  • David Hughes
  • Suzanne Staub
  • Eva Kaltenthaler (minutes)
  • Silvia Valenzuela

1. Opening prayer:

Fr. Kevin led the opening prayer.

2. Annual Report

The parishioners were welcomed to the AGM by Stephen Spooner who opened the meeting and explained that the purpose of the AGM was to hear annual reports from the different groups. To elect new members of the parish council and to hear views from any parishioner who wished to give them. Eva Kaltenthaler and Sarah Baker presented a report from the Justice and Peace group with information on the S2 Foodbank, St Wilfrid’s centre, CAFOD and planned refugee work. Belinda Barber presented the report from the Pastoral Care and Community group focussing on Hallam Churches together. Stephen Spooner presented a report from the Spirituality and Liturgy group. He mentioned activities over the past year include Taize evenings and a day on Music and spirituality. Future events include a day on Art in Spirituality and a parish retreat to be held later this year. Stephen Spooner also presented a report from the Building and Maintenance group and reported on the main repairs that have been undertaken over the past year including substantial work on the roof and work on the Health and Safety Toolbox which is ongoing. Dave Stanley gave a report on the Communications group and mentioned recent updates to the Parish website as well as ways possible future changes to improve engagement with the Parish including the use of social media. Greg Ryan presented a report on the Evangelisation and Faith Formation Group. Work in this group is focussed on various faith formation and outreach activities.

Please see the full report of Parish Council Annual Report May 2015-16

3. Finance Report

Derek Hemmingfield presented a report on the finances of the Parish.

4. Views and suggestions from the Parish

Stephen invited questions from the audience. Clare Byrne asked whether people gave by Gift Aid and whether there should be a drive to increase standing order amounts. Stephen agreed that the Parish Council would discuss this at their meeting in July. Jenny King suggested that Edmund could come to Parish Council to talk about Gift Aid.

5. Election of new Parish Councillors

Two new Parish Councillors were elected Julie Hughes and David Hughes, who will do a job share. Stephen thanked Belinda Barber and Susanne Staub, who are both finishing, for their hard work on the Parish Council.

6. Any other Business

John Green stressed the need for more Parishoners to volunteer for Parish Council as more members are urgently needed. The Parish Council will look at ways to encourage new members to come forward at their next meeting in July.

Several people expressed the opinion that we are very lucky to have an active Parish Council which may need to be even more active in the future if we don’t have a priest. We are very lucky to have the Parish priest we have.

Clare Byrne mentioned that a new Children’s liturgy book is needed. She will organise this with Father Kevin.

7. Closing Prayer:

Father Kevin led the closing prayer.

8. Refreshments were served

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