Parish Council Minutes – Tuesday 16 January 2018


  • Fr Kevin Thornton
  • Stephen Spooner
  • Eva Kaltenthaler
  • Anthony Rossiter (chair)
  • Claire Byrne
  • Lyndsey Reynolds
  • David Stanley
  • Anne Shepherd
  • Julie Hughes
  • David Hughes


  • Anne Marie Shephard
  • Deacon Stephen Parker
  • Nick Neale

1. Opening Prayer

Fr. Kevin led the opening prayer.

2. Approval of last minutes and matters arising

The minutes from the November 2017 meeting were approved.

3. Matters arising from the last meeting

  1. Home visits for new parishioners will be undertaken by parish council members if required.
  2. The parish website has now added a link to Hallam Caring Service.
  3. Diane Rossiter has kindly agreed to coordinate ‘lifts to mass’ for parishioners who require this.
  4. Parishioners with mobility problems may benefit from a visit by one of our Eucharistic Ministers to the home. A request for volunteers to assist with this service will be made in the Franciscan – volunteers do not need to be DBS checked.
  5. David Hughes has risk assessed the chairs in the hall. At present there is no need for them to be changed. A polite notice regarding safety when lighting candles
    is now in place.
  6. A parish social event is to be held after Easter 2018. Anthony Rossiter to speak to Petra regarding entertainment for the event.
  7. The Parish Directory is almost completed for printing and distributing.
  8. Lyndsey Reynolds is to make an announcement after mass and request for Parishioners to come forward if they are interested in undertaking a Baptismal Catechist Role.
  9. Eva Kaltenthaler is to look on the catholic cafe website with a view to obtaining some resources to promote discussion around evangelisation.
  10. David Stanley stated that Paul Middlemas is to step down from his role in organising and facilitating the parish website. A request will be made in the Franciscan for any interested parties to step forward and take on this valuable and important role.

4. Any other Business

  1. Fr. Kevin is to send £300 to the St. Marie’s Organ Fund.
  2. A parish retreat is to be held on 03/02/2018. Fr. Kevin from Ampleforth is to conduct a Lenten retreat on 17/03/2018.
  3. All electrical and gas equipment on the church premises has now been checked. Certificates for these checks are to be forwarded for the ‘Parish Toolbox?’

5. Date of next meeting

Tuesday 20/03/2018 at 8pm.

6. Closing Prayer

Fr. Kevin led the closing prayer.

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