Parish Council Minutes – Tuesday 10 April 2018


  • Fr Kevin Thornton
  • Anne Shepherd
  • Clare Byrne
  • Eva Kaltenthaler
  • Stephen Spooner
  • David Stanley
  • Lyndsey Reynolds
  • Anthony Rossiter (chair)
  • Nick Neale


  • Julie Hughes
  • David Hughes

1. Opening Prayer

Fr Kevin led the opening prayer.

2. Approval of last minutes and matters arising

The minutes from the January 2018 meeting were approved.

3. Matters arising from the last meeting

Clare agreed to help Fr Kevin with formatting the parish directory and printing 100 copies to distribute.

4. Parish social and poster

David brought a poster which summarised the plans for the parish social on Saturday May 12th. The council accepted this and we will move immediately
to advertising and ticket sales from Sunday 22nd April. Anthony will arrange tickets and the item in the newsletter.

5. Cafe videos

Eva proposed a series of videos that could be used for a series of parish evening sessions on spiritual development. She proposed one called the Gift course
and the council agreed that she should go ahead, arrange purchase and other details as required with the aim of running the sessions around September time. She would need 3 to 4 helpers/facilitators and Lyndsey and Clare have both volunteered already.

6. Sound system

There was concern that the current sound system is over complicated and unuseable for all but two parishioners who would normally not be present and thus defeating the object of owning it. As for most meetings a very simple sound system, such as speakers running off a laptop, is more than ample it was agreed to delegate Stephen to research and purchase such a simple alternative. In slower time, we need to consider the role, cost effectiveness and possible repair of the more complex system.

7. Request for money for Uganda

A group of parishioners gives regular donation to Fr Francis in Uganda and gave a specific request for some significant funding from the parish. The council was
concerned with how to manage such requests fairly and in accordance with the wishes of the whole parish and thus proposed in the first instance a general request for donations through the newsletter with us topping this up later. Eva will follow this up with Susanna Baron. An item on the charitable giving of the parish will be presented at the AGM to gain input from more parishioners.

8. Update on First Holy Communication preparation pastoral ministry

Lyndsey reported that she had several volunteers to assist with baptism preparation and one new volunteer for First Holy Communion. She is working with them now. She also reported a strategic aim to do more for the youth and to form links with the schools. She is having discussions with Jonathan Yewdall and others on possible
projects. The council encouraged her to choose just one project rather than several as this is then more likely to be done well and with success.

9. Update on Pastoral Ministry course

Lyndsey reported that it is hard work but going well and reiterated her thanks for the support.

10. Plumbing and general infrastructure

Following the recent burst pipes during the snow, the toilets are useable but long term repairs are still outstanding with the plumber promising to return when less busy. Subsequently it has also become apparent that many of the velux windows are leaking and need repair or replacement; quotes are being collected. There have also been some problems with internal doors which again have been repaired. All these will incur significant expense which will likely reduce or eliminate the parish’s surplus this year.

11. Parish response to snow and jobs like faulty alarms and leaking pipes.

It was recognised that the current mechanisms are not robust being highly reliant on Fr Kevin and just a few others. It was agreed this item should be discussed at a later meeting when time was available.

12. Crosspool festival

We have been asked to give some input to this in 2019 and this has been suggested as an agenda item in the Autumn. In the meantime, Fr Kevin has agreed that our organ can be used this year by Mr Silverton for an event on July 1st.

13. Date of next meeting

Date of next meeting will coincide with the AGM and is proposed as Tuesday June 19th at 7.30pm. There will be a need for some preparation and items in the
newsletter to encourage new members and Eva has agreed to organise this in Anthony’s absence. It was suggested that if this coincided with the monthly tea organised by Anne-Marie that perhaps someone could talk to her about providing some cakes. Also, someone should organise wine, cheese and other refreshments.

14. Closing Prayer

Fr Kevin led the closing prayer.

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