Parish Council Minutes July 10th 2019

Parish Council Minutes July 10th 2019

Present:- Fr Kevin Thornton – Parish Priest

Nick Neale, Belinda Barber, Clare Byrne, Anne Shepherd

1) The meeting opened with a prayer

2) Apologies:- Lindsay Reynolds, Mike Campbell,Phil Rostrant, Anthony Rossiter

3) Matters arising from AGM:- Belinda and Mike to help with Justice & Peace

4) Autumn CAFÉ course – this will commence In the Autumn on Tuesday evenings after Mass for 6 weeks. Topic “Gifts of the Spirit”.

Lindsay and Clare will be have a planning meeting next week

5) Emergency Plan – In the event of an emergency concerning Fr Kevin It would be necessary to telephone Bishop Ralph and Fr John Cooke.

It Is also necessary to find out exactly who has keys to the premises. Clare will put an appeal In the newsletter to find out.

Clare will also review Parish Directory.

6) Diocesan Directory of Social Action – Each Parish will be asked to produce current lists of people who are responsible for each section. Nick Neale will contact Mike Murphy to proceed with this.

7) Wall and Trees – Diocesan Property Manager – Tom Garrud has visited the Parish and has had a meeting with Fr Kevin to discuss:-

A) the leaking roof In the narthex – experts to be asked to return to help with yet further plans to determine cause of continuous leaks

B) One of the houses at the side of our car park Is having problems with the high trees on our land overlooking his house and blocking light. An Arborist will be contacted to survey what needs to be done. The beech hedge outside the church also needs looking at. Costs will also need to be assessed.

8) Any other business:-

Fr Kevin needs to be contacted to find out how many children will be receiving Confirmation from Bishop Ralph. Numbers needed. Notices are currently being advertised In the Franciscan.

The meeting closed with a prayer at 8.20pm

Parish Council Minutes – Wednesday 13 March 2019

Present: Anne Shepherd, Stephen Parker, Clare Byrne, Father Kevin Thornton, Richard Webster, Mike Campbell, Phil Rostant, Nick Neale (chair), Stephen Spooner, Lindsay Reynolds, Eva Kaltenthaler (minutes)
Apologies: Anthony Rossiter

Father Kevin opened the meeting with a prayer.

Matters arising
Maintenance issues:  The leak in the narthex has been repaired  The hall floor will be repaired over the April school holiday period  The garden wall is bulging and needs repointing. It is not clear whose wall it is. We need to check with the Diocesan Property Manager to determine this.

Parish Mass issues
A rota for Eucharistic ministers has been prepared and will come into effect from March 24th
More readers are needed and an e-mail will be sent round to encourage former readers to reconsider coming forward to read at Mass. We also need volunteers to act as welcomers as three are now required not two as previously. Volunteers are also needed for the tea and coffee rota.
Action: Lindsay to send list of readers to Phil
Action: Phil to e-mail former readers to encourage them to join the reading rota
Action: Clare to e-mail former welcomers and those previously on the tea and coffee rota to invite them to join the rotas

There are still some problems with parking especially for late comers. A note will go in the bulletin so that parishioners are aware that the football ground may not be used for parking.
Action: Nick to put note in the bulletin about parking

A suggestion box will go out in the Narthex on the 3rd Sunday of Lent for two weeks asking for positive suggestions to improve the Parish Mass.
The back of the church will now be opened up each Sunday as a matter of routine.


Youth Group
Richard reported that the Youth Group is going well so far. The people attending make and share a meal together and have discussions on suggested topics. They currently meet on Wednesdays but there may be difficulties with using the hall and upper room as the first communion classes will start soon. They may meet in people’s houses instead and are exploring a range of options. They are hoping to include St William’s parish in the near future.

Mission, Evangelisation and Faith Formation
Lindsay informed the council that St Williams is running an alpha course to start on 24 April. More information will be made available to St Francis so that St Francis parishioners can attend.

The AGM will be held on 7 May (Tuesday) at 8 pm.
Some members of the Parish council will be leaving in May as their term of office is finishing. More members will be needed.

Reports will be needed from all groups by 1 May:  Liturgy and Spirituality (Stephen Spooner/Stephen Parker/Clare/Mike)  Mission, Evangelisation and Faith Formation (Lindsay /Stephen Parker/Clare)  Justice and Peace (Eva)  Pastoral Care and Community (Anne)  Maintenance (David Hughes)  Communications (Anthony and Richard)  Liaison with St. Williams (Phil and Mike)

Action: Nick to put notes in the bulletin to encourage new members for the Parish Council and to inform the parish of the date and time of the AGM.
Action: Reports to Eva from all groups. These will be printed and displayed at the AGM
Action: Eva to contact finance officer (Derek Hemmingfield) and send e-mail reminder to parish council to bring cakes and help with set up.
Action: Eva and Stephen Spooner to buy refreshments

Any other business
Hallam Council of Churches
Anne reported that the Hallam Council of Churches are planning to visit St Francis on their walk on Good Friday. They aim to have a short service in the church followed by refreshments.

Action: Stephen Spooner to develop PowerPoint presentation of the St Francis Stations of the Cross
Action: Father Kevin to do the service
Action: Anne to organise refreshments

Stephen Spooner asked if there is anything we could do to support the many parishioners who are having difficulties getting their children into a Catholic primary school. St Francis is in a unique position in that children in the parish are only eligible for admittance to only one school (St Marie’s) while other parishes have more than one school. It was agreed that the Diocesan Primary School Advisor will be invited to the next parish council meeting to discuss the issue of school attendance for this parish.
Action: Nick to invite the Diocesan Primary School Advisor to the next parish council meeting

Confirmation should take place this year. It is unclear how many people are ready and interested in confirmation and we don’t have anyone lined up to do the catechesis.
Action: Father Kevin to gauge interest from parish for confirmation
Action: Stephen Parker agreed to deliver the course with Richard offering support if possible, depending on the timings.

The meeting was closed with a prayer from Father Kevin.
The next meeting will be held on 10 July 2019 (Wednesday); 7 pm in the Presbytery.

Parish Council Minutes – Wednesday 9 January 2019

Minutes St. Francis Parish Council Meeting 9.1.2019

Present: Fr. Kevin Thornton, Anthony Rossiter, Richard Webster, Lindsay Reynolds, Nick Neale (Chair), Claire Byrne, John Green, Anne Shepherd, Mike Campbell

Apologies: Eva and Stephen Spooner, Phil Rostant, Jacquie Stacey, Deacon Steven Parker.

The meeting began with a prayer

Matters arising from November meeting. 

Youth group:

  • Richard and Richard are leading and focussing on school yrs 10-13 with a 2 hr meeting once per month. So far members have enjoyed a shared meal. Second meeting tonight with 4 expected. Happy to start small and grow. Working on right balance of social and spiritual. In due course we will invite St. Williams yrs 10-13 to join..

Music group:

  • Richard believes it is going well including doing warm up outside church. The warm-up takes place in the hall, since the stairs to the upper room are tricky with instruments. Has being trying to combine different styles. Council had a discussion about having suitable background music (no congregation singing) during communion and then a hymn once distribution finished after the ministers returned to their seats which seemed to receive a general consensus. Also discussion about whether we should have occasional quiet mass.

Parish mass:

  • Nick has a survey planned for around March, details TBC later.
  • Also there was discussion on seating and a consensus that we should we be opening the screens before Mass as a matter of course as to do so at 11 or shortly after is disruptive and often a few extra rows are needed. The screen can be moved very quickly so assume we always do so at 10.55 and have some rows of seats ready. May need a rota to do this.  This would fit in with the music group finishing their practice at 10.55.
  • Newsletters do not need to be folded to make job easier for welcomers. Nick will pass this message on and also suggest that welcomers suggest gently the sharing of newsletters and books among families to ensure we do not run out unnecessarily before mass. We should monitor in general as we may need to purchase a few extra hymn and Mass books.
  • There has been some confusion and discomfort among Eucharist ministers due to lack of clarity about who will undertake the role each week. Nick will talk to Kevin Exell.

Hallam churches

They are organising walk on Good Friday and want to call in to St. Francis for snacks enroute mid-morning. Lunch further on the walk. Council supportive and Anne agreed to take liaison forward.

School admissions

Several families who attend mass have been unsuccessful at getting their children into St Marie’s. Criteria is baptism, siblings, catchment, etc. Basic problem seems to be that genuine demand exceeds supply, so unfortunately some regular mass attendees are missing out. Solution outside of parish council remit as the diocese needs more school spaces.


  • There is a leak in narthex. Diocese sent Martin Brooks and obtained a quote for finding problem (not fixing) which is about £1500 and includes scaffolding. Problem not obvious from simple external inspection.
  • Guttering should be cleaned annually. Diocese will loan a system or we can hire a person they recommend; council agreed to the latter.
  • Hall floor will be done shortly after dance show, quote has been accepted.
  • Problem with the wall opposite the church entrance. It bilges slightly and the pointing has gone in part. Not sure who owns it so need diocese to look at deeds, issues and advise.

The meeting finished with a prayer

Future  meetings;  March 13th and AGM on May 8th.

Parish Council Minutes – Wednesday 12 September 2018

Present: Fr Kevin Thornton, Nick Neale (chair), Stephen Spooner, Eva Kaltenthaler, Richard Webster, Clare Byrne, Lindsay Reynolds

1. Opening prayer

2. Apologies: Phil, Anne, Stephen P, Jacquie, Anthony and Mike

3 & 4. Minutes July 16th and matters arising

  • ICE for the moment Lindsay and Clare will compile a list of key holders and their contact details. Bishop Ralph’s phone details to be available.
  • Stephen Parker will arrange a meeting with St Williams in October
  • Some of St Williams’ parishioners are attending CAFÉ.
  • Clare will prepare the Parish directory for distribution at the parish day on Oct 7th.
  • Clare continues to follow up the toys belonging to the now disbanded mums and toddler group.

5. Patronal Feast

One Mass at 10am followed by a social gathering with coffee and cakes. Parish council members will be available to chat to the parishioners. Eva will put a notice in Franciscan to encourage people to make cakes.

6. Hall floor refurbishment.

Father Kevin is waiting for a quote for a new surfacing material. The floor has been sanded twice and will not take it again. The new coating will prolong its life.

7. Bishop’s requirements for Mass timetabling.

A letter is expected from the Bishop asking us to prepare a Mass schedule for use when we are relying on one priest. It seems inevitable that we will go down to one Mass on a Sunday. This however is at the planning stage and awaits consultation with Father Cook. Various issues relating to the changes were discussed.

8. AOB

  • At the musicians meeting Richard said they would timetable another Pizza and Praise session and he was asked if Taize evenings could be arranged for Advent
  • Discussion about the AV trolley and the equipment. Stephen S will look for a stand suitable for use with the new sound system and will ask other users about their use of the other equipment.
  • The ‘Gift’ CAFÉ course is going very well with around 30 participants.
  • There was a discussion about Catholic schools and their admission policies. This is an important issue and needs to be taken further. Add to the next agenda.

9. Closing prayer

Next meeting: 14th November at 7pm

Parish Council Minutes – Monday 16 July 2018


  • Father Kevin
  • Anthony Rossiter
  • Nick Neale
  • Stephen Spooner
  • Lyndsay Reynolds
  • Clare Byrne
  • Richard Webster
  • Mike Campbell


  • Eva Kaltenthaler
  • Anne Shepherd
  • Phil Rostant
  • Stephen Parker
  • Jacquie Stacey

1. Opening prayer

2. Appointment to council responsibilities

  • Chair (Nick Neale)
  • Liturgy and Spirituality (Stephen Spooner/Stephen Parker/Clare Bryne/Mike Campbell)
  • Mission, Evangelisation and Faith Formation (Lindsay Reynolds/Stephen Parker/Clare Bryne)
  • Youth Ministry (Lindsay Reynolds/Richard Webster)
  • Justice and Peace (Eva Kaltenthaler)
  • Pastoral Care and Community (Anne Shepherd)
  • Maintenance (David Hughes)
  • Communications (Anthony Rossiter/Richard Webster)
  • Secretary to parish council (Anthony Rossiter)
  • Liaison with St. Williams (Phil Rostant/Mike Campbell)

Nick Neale took over as chair for the remainder of the meeting.

3. Matters arising from minutes of June meeting.

We discussed the need for a parish ICE (In case of emergency) document and indeed the collation of more mundane but essential information. Anthony will email the example from Sacred Heart to Nick Neale who will take this item forward.

The council discussed whether Father would appreciate more support for routine administration tasks, for example a paid parish secretary/administrator. Father Kevin expressed that for now he did not want such help, but he would ask should this change. In the meantime, Mike Campbell will explore the possible definition of equivalent roles in other parishes beginning with his brother-in-law.

4. Liaison with St. Williams

Anthony will email Fr. John and Lesley to hand over to Phil, Mike and Nick and also express the wish for engagement with a wider range of the St. Williams parishioners.

A core precedent is that we feel it is important that we assume and work for an independent parish identity but also we should collaborate, co-operate and develop a sense of shared community.

Father Kevin will decide how, when and if we will use the prayers supplied by the deanery linked to clustering.

Stephen Spooner is happy to invite St. Williams’ parishioners to the CAFÉ series in September, but for now does not want to involve them in the organisation. He will arrange for information to go to their newsletter (and also St. Vincents).

Stephen Spooner is pondering something for Lent in which he may involve St. Williams.

5. Parish social

It was agreed that a good time for this would be on the parish day on Sunday October 7th when there is a shared 10am Mass. We would ask all parishioners to bring some food for a shared lunch.

Richard also proposed another Praise and Pizza (or similar) event led by the music group and this was broadly supported although no time scales or details were discussed.

6. Parish Directory

Details of new parish council members were added and Clare Bryne agreed to arrange printing for the whole parish once the little fishes details were added.

7. Any other business

Clare noted that attendance at children’s liturgy and the number of helpers had been going down recently and so they were considering reducing the number of times this was offered, for example by skipping half term weekends and the like. The council were supportive.

Father Kevin shared information about a ‘walk with me’ booklet. Mike and Stephen Spooner agreed to look at this and decide whether we should acquire some for parishioners to purchase.

Father Kevin noted that a mums and toddlers group that had been coming regularly on Thursdays seems to have folded (and were in debt to us although we are happy to write this off). Also, they still had a number of toys in our cupboard. Clare agreed to follow up and resolve the matter and redistribute toys appropriately in due course.

8. Dates of future meetings

Provisionally agree to do 2nd Wednesday of month, every 2 months, but we will meet more often if there is an obvious need.

September 12th, November 14th, January 9th, March 13th and AGM on May 8th.

9. Closing Prayer

The meeting finished with a prayer.

Parish Council Minutes – Tuesday 19 June 2018 – Annual General Meeting


  • Anthony Rossiter (chair)
  • Ron Jarman
  • Nick Neale
  • Margaret Neale
  • Stephen Spooner
  • Clare Morgan
  • Diane Rossiter
  • Anne-Marie Appleton
  • Eva Kaltenthaler (minutes)
  • Jenny King
  • Anne Shepherd
  • Alex Krzyz
  • Lyndsay Reynolds
  • Jayne Middlemas
  • Clare Byrne
  • Paul Middlemas
  • Richard Webster
  • Sara Baker
  • Steve Davies
  • Anne Green
  • Grazyna Swales
  • John Green
  • Belinda Barber
  • Alan Wenham
  • Bernie Shepherd
  • Clare Wenham
  • Gillian Burke
  • Derek Hemmingfield
  • Mary Conway
  • Marysia Placzek
  • Jim Conway
  • Angela Titman
  • Tim Baron
  • Jacinta Campbell
  • Richard Bushell
  • Mike Campbell
  • Dave Stanley

1. Opening prayer

Anthony Rossiter led the opening prayer.

2. Brief overview

Anthony Rossiter presented a brief overview of what has been happening in the Parish over the past year.

  • A lift sharing scheme has been put in place.
  • The Parish social was held in May.
  • The Parish Directory has been updated and will be printed and distributed within the next month.
  • Mission continues to be a high priority in the Parish.

3. Financial Report

Derek Hemmingfield presented the annual financial statement showing that there was a modest surplus over the past year.

4. Reports from Parish Council subgroups

The following reports were presented:

  • Justice and Peace (Eva Kaltenthaler)
  • Liturgy and Spirituality (Stephen Spooner)
  • Mission, Evangelisation and Faith Formation (Lindsay Reynolds)
  • Pastoral Care and Community (Anne Shepherd)
  • Maintenance (Eva Kaltenthaler on behalf of David Hughes)
  • Communications (Dave Stanley)

Please see the full Parish Council Annual Report 2017-18.

5. Vision statements and priorities for the Parish

A discussion was held and Parishioners made suggestions for priorities for the Parish:

  • Provision for Youth, this could include Mass books for children who have had their first communion. Another suggestion was for a Youth leader for the Parish and it was suggested that we could request more input from the Diocese for this. A number of other suggestions were put forward and it was agreed that a small group could be formed to develop some of these suggestions.
  • Mass numbers: John Green presented a report on Mass numbers for the past 10 years and it was suggested that this be looked at in more depth and that it would be helpful to compare Mass numbers for 9am and 11am.
  • Social events: There was a request that more Parish social events be held.

6. Pastoral ministry course update

Lyndsay Reynolds is doing the Loyola online course and enjoying it very much. She wanted to thank the Parish for their support. Deacons in the Diocese are also doing the course.

7. Policy on charitable giving

Anthony Rossiter asked for views on how we should make decisions on charitable giving both with regard to which charities to give to and the amounts the Parish Council contributes to these charities. It was suggested that transparency as to how decisions are made was important. The Parish Council will be taking this forward and develop a policy on charitable giving and to share with the Parish.

8. Election of new Parish Councillors

The following Parishioners came forward to stand as new members of the Parish Council:

  • Richard Webster
  • Mike Campbell
  • Phil Rostant
  • Jacquie Stacey

Lyndsay Reynolds kindly agreed to continue on the Parish Council for another term. David Hughes will be standing down although will continue with maintenance tasks. A number of Parishioiners agreed to help out where needed with specific tasks: Richard Bushell, Marysia Placzek, Clare Wenham, Belinda Barber and John Green. Anthony Rossiter thanked the retiring Parish Councillors for their service: Dave Stanley, Anne Shepherd and David and Julie Hughes. It was agreed that for the foreseeable future Parish Council meetings would be held monthly.

9. Sheffield Deanery plans

Stephen Spooner, Stephen Parker and Diane Rossiter have recently attended a Sheffield Deanery meeting to discuss plans moving forward to group Parishes. A summary of the meeting was presented. St Francis will be grouped with St William’s. The two churches will have three Masses between them.

Anthony Rossiter said that he has already had contact with the Priest from St Williams Parish and he is happy to start planning discussions with St Francis. He stressed the need to direct our future as best we can. There are some questions still to be answered such as whether or not we will still have a Parish Council. Other unanswered questions were what will happen with the Easter Vigil and Christmas Eve Masses and what will happen to the current school configurations.

It was not clear what the impact will be on younger people of having fewer Masses. It was also stressed that it was important to hear Father Kevin’s views on any plans for the future. Several people said that it was essential to maintain the spiritual dynamic of the 11am Mass. Other options for spiritual growth could be considered such as: prayer groups, daily offices and Taize services. A joint Parish social with St William’s could be held. The Parish Council will ensure that the whole Parish will be involved in planning the way forward.

10. Closing Prayer

The meeting closed with a prayer and refreshments were enjoyed.

Parish Council Minutes – Tuesday 10 April 2018


  • Fr Kevin Thornton
  • Anne Shepherd
  • Clare Byrne
  • Eva Kaltenthaler
  • Stephen Spooner
  • David Stanley
  • Lyndsey Reynolds
  • Anthony Rossiter (chair)
  • Nick Neale


  • Julie Hughes
  • David Hughes

1. Opening Prayer

Fr Kevin led the opening prayer.

2. Approval of last minutes and matters arising

The minutes from the January 2018 meeting were approved.

3. Matters arising from the last meeting

Clare agreed to help Fr Kevin with formatting the parish directory and printing 100 copies to distribute.

4. Parish social and poster

David brought a poster which summarised the plans for the parish social on Saturday May 12th. The council accepted this and we will move immediately
to advertising and ticket sales from Sunday 22nd April. Anthony will arrange tickets and the item in the newsletter.

5. Cafe videos

Eva proposed a series of videos that could be used for a series of parish evening sessions on spiritual development. She proposed one called the Gift course
and the council agreed that she should go ahead, arrange purchase and other details as required with the aim of running the sessions around September time. She would need 3 to 4 helpers/facilitators and Lyndsey and Clare have both volunteered already.

6. Sound system

There was concern that the current sound system is over complicated and unuseable for all but two parishioners who would normally not be present and thus defeating the object of owning it. As for most meetings a very simple sound system, such as speakers running off a laptop, is more than ample it was agreed to delegate Stephen to research and purchase such a simple alternative. In slower time, we need to consider the role, cost effectiveness and possible repair of the more complex system.

7. Request for money for Uganda

A group of parishioners gives regular donation to Fr Francis in Uganda and gave a specific request for some significant funding from the parish. The council was
concerned with how to manage such requests fairly and in accordance with the wishes of the whole parish and thus proposed in the first instance a general request for donations through the newsletter with us topping this up later. Eva will follow this up with Susanna Baron. An item on the charitable giving of the parish will be presented at the AGM to gain input from more parishioners.

8. Update on First Holy Communication preparation pastoral ministry

Lyndsey reported that she had several volunteers to assist with baptism preparation and one new volunteer for First Holy Communion. She is working with them now. She also reported a strategic aim to do more for the youth and to form links with the schools. She is having discussions with Jonathan Yewdall and others on possible
projects. The council encouraged her to choose just one project rather than several as this is then more likely to be done well and with success.

9. Update on Pastoral Ministry course

Lyndsey reported that it is hard work but going well and reiterated her thanks for the support.

10. Plumbing and general infrastructure

Following the recent burst pipes during the snow, the toilets are useable but long term repairs are still outstanding with the plumber promising to return when less busy. Subsequently it has also become apparent that many of the velux windows are leaking and need repair or replacement; quotes are being collected. There have also been some problems with internal doors which again have been repaired. All these will incur significant expense which will likely reduce or eliminate the parish’s surplus this year.

11. Parish response to snow and jobs like faulty alarms and leaking pipes.

It was recognised that the current mechanisms are not robust being highly reliant on Fr Kevin and just a few others. It was agreed this item should be discussed at a later meeting when time was available.

12. Crosspool festival

We have been asked to give some input to this in 2019 and this has been suggested as an agenda item in the Autumn. In the meantime, Fr Kevin has agreed that our organ can be used this year by Mr Silverton for an event on July 1st.

13. Date of next meeting

Date of next meeting will coincide with the AGM and is proposed as Tuesday June 19th at 7.30pm. There will be a need for some preparation and items in the
newsletter to encourage new members and Eva has agreed to organise this in Anthony’s absence. It was suggested that if this coincided with the monthly tea organised by Anne-Marie that perhaps someone could talk to her about providing some cakes. Also, someone should organise wine, cheese and other refreshments.

14. Closing Prayer

Fr Kevin led the closing prayer.

Parish Council Minutes – Tuesday 16 January 2018


  • Fr Kevin Thornton
  • Stephen Spooner
  • Eva Kaltenthaler
  • Anthony Rossiter (chair)
  • Claire Byrne
  • Lyndsey Reynolds
  • David Stanley
  • Anne Shepherd
  • Julie Hughes
  • David Hughes


  • Anne Marie Shephard
  • Deacon Stephen Parker
  • Nick Neale

1. Opening Prayer

Fr. Kevin led the opening prayer.

2. Approval of last minutes and matters arising

The minutes from the November 2017 meeting were approved.

3. Matters arising from the last meeting

  1. Home visits for new parishioners will be undertaken by parish council members if required.
  2. The parish website has now added a link to Hallam Caring Service.
  3. Diane Rossiter has kindly agreed to coordinate ‘lifts to mass’ for parishioners who require this.
  4. Parishioners with mobility problems may benefit from a visit by one of our Eucharistic Ministers to the home. A request for volunteers to assist with this service will be made in the Franciscan – volunteers do not need to be DBS checked.
  5. David Hughes has risk assessed the chairs in the hall. At present there is no need for them to be changed. A polite notice regarding safety when lighting candles
    is now in place.
  6. A parish social event is to be held after Easter 2018. Anthony Rossiter to speak to Petra regarding entertainment for the event.
  7. The Parish Directory is almost completed for printing and distributing.
  8. Lyndsey Reynolds is to make an announcement after mass and request for Parishioners to come forward if they are interested in undertaking a Baptismal Catechist Role.
  9. Eva Kaltenthaler is to look on the catholic cafe website with a view to obtaining some resources to promote discussion around evangelisation.
  10. David Stanley stated that Paul Middlemas is to step down from his role in organising and facilitating the parish website. A request will be made in the Franciscan for any interested parties to step forward and take on this valuable and important role.

4. Any other Business

  1. Fr. Kevin is to send £300 to the St. Marie’s Organ Fund.
  2. A parish retreat is to be held on 03/02/2018. Fr. Kevin from Ampleforth is to conduct a Lenten retreat on 17/03/2018.
  3. All electrical and gas equipment on the church premises has now been checked. Certificates for these checks are to be forwarded for the ‘Parish Toolbox?’

5. Date of next meeting

Tuesday 20/03/2018 at 8pm.

6. Closing Prayer

Fr. Kevin led the closing prayer.

Parish Council Minutes – Tuesday 21 November 2017


  • Fr Kevin Thornton
  • Anthony Rossiter (chair)
  • Anne Shepherd
  • Lyndsey Reynolds
  • Claire Byrne
  • David Hughes
  • Julie Hughes
  • Dave Stanley


  • Deacon Steven Parker
  • Stephen Spooner
  • Eva Kaltenthaler
  • Nick Neale

1. Opening Prayer

Fr. Kevin led the opening prayer.

2. Approval of the last minutes

The minutes from the September 2017 meeting were approved.

3. Matters arising from the last meeting

a) Suggestion box – suggestions from Parishioners were as follows:

  1. A suggestion was put forward that there could be one mass only on Sunday mornings. Father confirmed that while he is fit and able he is happy to continue to have 2 masses.
  2. A home visit could be offered to new Parishioners. It was decided that the offer of a home visit should be available. This information could be clear on the Parish website (Dave Stanley to action) and in talks with Father it has been agreed that he will pass on information about new parishioners to the parish council.
    ACTION: The council needs to identify suitable parishioners (in pairs) who are happy to do these visits.
  3. An enquiry was made as to whether Sunday sermons could be recorded. Father Kevin stated that this was not a possibility.
  4. It was suggested that the Parish website should have information regarding the Hallam Caring Service on the website. Dave Stanley to action if feasible.
  5. A request for support of elderly Parishioners to attend mass by the provision of car lifts. A list of volunteers who would be interested in supporting is required but such people would need to be DBS checked before we offer the service. ACTION: Anthony to liaise with Bobbo over the DBS issue before we actively seek volunteers in the new year. Diane Rossiter has agreed to be the coordinator once we are ready to deliver the service.
  6. Suggestion about fundraising for CAFOD Youth constructing a ‘Tippy Tap’ outside. Eva to follow up on this.
  7. An enquiry regarding a retreat recorded by Father Raniera Cantelamesse. Father confirmed that the Diocese already runs a number of similar retreats so it is best not to spread ourselves too thin on such things.
  8. The Dance club asked if a cheaper hall hire rate was possible. Clarification to be sought regarding the current hourly rate of hall hire fees. It was agreed that the reduction currently offered was already quite generous. Anthony to write to Grazyna to confirm the answer was no.
  9. Concerns raised about the chairs in the hall which may need recovering. Concerns raised regarding the lighting of candles. ACTION: David Hughes to risk assess these items.
  10. A request for more Parish social events was made. ACTION: A future social event for the Parish to be placed on the agenda and discussed at the next meeting.
    Likely not to want anything before Easter which is early in 2018.

b) Parish Directory: ACTION: all council members to check that the named Parishioners are happy for their contact details to be made available so this can
be distributed in the new year.

c) Update on Baptismal Catechists. Lyndsey Reynolds has contacted Fr. John Ryan regarding possible training for this role. ACTION: Lyndsey to ask for
interested parties within the Parish to come forward once details of training has been confirmed.

d) Feedback on Justice & Peace Day – covenant for the poor to be refreshed.

4. Evangelisation

‘Evangelisation’ to be placed on the January 2018 agenda.

5. The Loyola certificate in Pastoral Ministry

Lyndsey is interested in completing this. The parish council agreed to support Lyndsey in this, both as a parish representative and with the recommended financial contribution. (She has recently confirmed her acceptance on the course.)

6. Any other business

a) MISSIO: St. Francis are offering support to Seminarian: Peter Chaimapadoko of Malawi. Peter will be ordained in 2021.

b) St. Marie’s organ restoration fund. A concert is to be held on 8.12.2017 at St. Francis. This is free of charge but donations will be welcome.

7. Date of next meeting

Tuesday 16.01.2018 at 8pm.

8. Closing Prayer

Fr. Kevin led the closing prayer.