Parish Council Minutes – November 2023

21 November 2023, 7:30pm

Present: Mike Campbell (chair), Eva Kaltenthaler (minutes) Stephen Spooner, Father Kevin, Richard Bushell, Lindsay Reynolds, Sian Price, David Bellamy, Deacon Stephen Parker, Richard McQuinn, Tim Baron, Sam Caldwell (PFC)

Apologies: Maria Levesley

The meeting opened with two minutes of contemplative silence.


Sam Caldwell was welcomed as the new member of the Parish Finance Committee. He reported he had been in touch with Derek Hemmingfield and the accounts were in order. Tim Baron was welcomed as an addition to Maria to report on the J&P proposals.

Matters Arising

  • The trees have been cut back and it was felt that the work was done well.
  • Maria has cleaned all the chairs in the Hall. The Parish Council thanked Maria for doing this. It was felt that there are now in a good state and new covers are not required.
  • The bike rack has been ordered by David Bellamy. Help will be needed when this is ready to fix. Sam offered to help with this.
  • The Parish walk went well. It was agreed that the walks should continue perhaps twice a year.
  • One person attending an event at the church reported difficulties with getting a wheelchair up the ramp. Most people pushing wheelchairs to the church have no problem with the ramp. The person reporting difficulties was told that help would be on offer if they came into the church to ask.

Other matters

1. Coming out of the car park can be difficult as there is limited visibility at times due to cars parked right on the corner of the entrance.

Action: Mike to put a note into the Franciscan to ask parishioners not to park in a manner that blocks the view to the right for people exiting.

2. The current Parish whatsapp group was developed during the time when we had vurch and is often used for social exchanges rather than parish business or information. It was felt that a new whatsapp group would be useful. All parishioners would be invited to join and it would be used to share Parish related information only.

Action: Mike to set up a new Parish whatsapp group with invitation to join in the Franciscan.

Justice and Peace

The group presented the CAFOD Live Simply campaign application. Actions around the three categories were discussed:

  • Live Simply
  • Live Sustainably
  • Live in Solidarity with the poor

It was agreed that a near final draft would be shared with the Parish Council before the next meeting so that it could be approved. It was agreed that this was an excellent step for the Parish to take and follows some actions from neighbouring parishes. There were some queries about costs from some of the actions. The launch is expected to take place in late January/early February.

Action: Justice and Peace Group members to provide an estimation of costs for purchase of cleaning products and refreshments after Mass as well as costs associated with the proposed Covenant with the Poor. Near final draft to be submitted to Parish Council before the next meeting.


A Lectio group has formed as a result of the Big Picture. Lindsay is also planning a Bible study group. She will start with an in depth look at St Mark’s gospel.

Action: Lindsay to put a note in the Franciscan about the Bible study group.

Youth Ministry

Seven young people were confirmed after instruction consisting of nine two hours sessions. The Parish Council agreed to pay for a celebratory meal. Richard mentioned that there should be some consideration of equipment provision in the future as there is no wifi in the church and no projector or screen upstairs in the Upper Room. The Parish council thanked Richard Bushell for leading the confirmation class.

A Lenten retreat for young people is being planned. It is expected that there will be another cohort for confirmation in two years. Richard will write an article and send a photo for inclusion in the Chronicle.

Action: Richard to submit article and photo for the Chronicle.


The roof is leaking after heavy rain and wind. The Diocesan Property Manager will come on Friday to inspect and recommend what action is needed.

Any other business

Bob Levesley needs a register of all Parish Volunteers. It was felt that only Eucharistic ministers who visit people in their homes need DBS checks. The list of Eucharistic Ministers is maintained by Kevin Exell.

Action: Mike to refer Bob to Kevin for names and contact details of all Eucharistic Ministers.

Father Kevin presented a number of letters for consideration. Among these were some pertaining to Diocesan banking and fuel. These were passed to Tim Baron for the Justice and Peace Group to deal with.

(Note after meeting: Richard McQuinn has agreed to deal with this)

Richard Bushell agreed to find someone to write a review of the panto for the Chronicle.

Father Kevin read the Closing prayer.

Date of next meeting ** January 2024 at 7:30pm.