Parish Council Minutes – January 2024

23 January 2024, 7:30pm

Present: Mike Campbell (chair), Eva Kaltenthaler (minutes), Father Kevin, Richard Bushell, Maria Levesley, Lindsay Reynolds, Sian Price, David Bellamy, Deacon Stephen Parker, Richard McQuinn, John Green (for part of the meeting).

Apologies: Stephen Spooner, Sam Coldwell

The meeting opened with two minutes of contemplative silence.

Support needed

John Green explained that he will be leaving the parish shortly. He backs up the parish computer and keeps a record of all invoices and has done this for many years. A replacement will need to be found to undertake these duties. Mike thanked John Green on behalf of the Parish Council for all his services for the parish over a period of many years. 

Action: Mike to put a note in the Franciscan to find a replacement.

Matters Arising

  • The bike rack has been installed and is already being used. The cost was £294.12 and has been paid for by the 200 Club.
  • Coming out of the car park can be difficult as there is limited visibility at times due to badly parked cars. After Mike’s note in the Franciscan, parking has improved and there is no longer a problem.
  • A Parish WhatsApp group has now been set up and phone numbers of those on the old vurch WhatsApp group added. Mike will send an invitation for others to join via the Franciscan.
  • Richard McQuin reported that he has applied to the IFM on behalf of the parish to be our new gas provider. We will initially be put on a temporary rate until the new contract starts in October. It is not yet known what the rate will be as the quote has not yet been received. When Richard hears from the IFM, he will share this with the Parish Council. It is expected that the quote will be considerably higher than what we are paying now. All other quotes received are also higher than the current rate which was set a long while ago.

Liturgy and Spirituality

Lindsay reported that she is planning a Bible study course on St Mark’s Gospel. She expects this will start after February half term.

Deacon Stephen Parker is planning a one day event on the Holy Spirit and Healing to take place during the summer.

Maria reported that the music group is planning to invite more soloists to take part in the music during Mass.

Youth Ministry

There are plans for a celebration event this Friday for the confirmation/youth group, including a meal and bowling. The expected cost will be between £250-£350. The Parish Council agreed to contribute £250 towards this. Richard B agreed to take a photo of the group for the Chronicle and will ensure he has consent to do so.

Justice and Peace

The group presented the CAFOD Live Simply action plan, which is a near final version. Actions around the three categories were discussed:

  • Live Simply
  • Live Sustainably
  • Live in Solidarity with the poor

This was approved by the Parish Council. Maria will submit the action plan shortly. The Justice and Peace Group will meet soon to develop a strategy to share this with the parish.

Any other business

Bob Levesley needs a register of all Parish Volunteers as requested by the Diocese. It was unclear as to what the definition of a volunteer is in this context.

Action: Mike to contact groups who lead volunteers to start a list.

Father Kevin mentioned some correspondence he has received. Pope Francis has designated 2024 as a year of prayer in preparation for the Jubilee year in 2025. A series of resources are available to support this.

David mentioned that he and Deacon Stephen had attended the recent Diocesan meeting on the Synod. At the meeting it was suggested that each parish consider how they might take the findings of the Synod forward in their own parish.  This will be discussed in more detail at the next Parish Council meeting.

Father Kevin read the Closing prayer.

Date of next meeting 12 March 2024 at 7:30pm.