Justice & Peace Meeting – Minutes 15.11.2021

S2 food bank

Fr Kevin has said we can have a collection box at church for the Christmas collection. Stephen would be willing to do a delivery to St Swithen’s. We could encourage donations as well. We need to know what they want and have a last delivery date. Looking at FaceBook it seemed that probably gave us the necessary information, both in terms of what they are collecting and also the reverse advent calendar which they are doing. We need to get everything there at the latest by 20 December.

Sarah L is to get it in the bulletin this week. Tell people to put food donations in the narthex and also mention cash donations.

Panto/Talent Show

We don’t think this is happening this year – need to ask Liz. £1840 raised last year. This links to the next item on the agenda.  

Cafod current campaigns

The big push was of course COP26. There is a minor campaign on cancelling the debt and they are talking not just about the poorest nations but now the “middle-ranked” nations, eg Ghana, but don’t actually say what they want us to do about that.

The main emphasis in recent updates has been around encourage the purchasing of World Gifts by parishes. In Lent Tim put up a JustGiving page and we made a large sum, £3248. Looking at the main options for this year, we could choose between health and saving the rainforest. The latter might be a good push given COP26. There was a sense that a change of focus might be a better draw but Tim and Sian were keen that attention was kept on the impact of Covid in the developing nations. Stephen wondered if we try for a health clinic – £4000. Sarah L felt that if we tried for that we would have an impact on any panto or talent show if one happened. The idea of a sliding scale of different items depending on how much we raise seemed sensible, with a goal of the health clinic, but Stephen was optimistic that with a big push it was achievable and he is happy to try to “sell” that to the parish.

It was agreed we need to know the plans for any panto or talent show before we could settle on what goal we should set. That means checking in with them and Tim volunteered to do that. If they are not, we could aim high. And it was agreed it isn’t necessary to have a cut-off date of Christmas, just a start date of Advent.


  • Tim to check with Liz about panto/talent show
  • Stephen to draft something for the Franciscan and to ask Fr Kevin who could speak after mass, him or Stephen Parker depending on what
  • Tim is going to set up the JustGiving page

Walk with Amal

Some members of the parish joined this.

Refugee family

Our application is ready to go off for approval once we have the formal letter of support from Sheffield City Council. Once our group is approved work will begin with South Yorkshire Housing to find a house to match a family.


The dance club are rehearsing away from church and are looking for a suitable venue. They’ll probably raise money for a refugee or asylum project such as Assist.

Next meeting 17 Feb 8pm, location depending on pandemic and weather.