CO2 emission from moving 1 passenger 1 mile: plane 210g, car 146g, ferry 137g,   train or coach 30-65g

45% of flights in Europe are less than 500km

A return flight London – New York adds 1.2t to a person’s carbon footprint

The global warming effect of long-haul flights is worse than short-haul due to their high altitude (‘radiative forcing’)

Electric cars are better than petrol or diesel cars in terms of CO2 emissions but require ‘conflict minerals’ in the manufacture of their batteries

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Flying less has the biggest impact on your individual carbon footprint

Reducing car mileage from 15,000 to 10,000m per year saves over 1t of CO2

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For European train travel:,

Home delivery is climate friendlier than everyone driving to the supermarket

Reduce food-miles by buying locally produced food (see ‘shopping’ sheet)

Walk, cycle, and use public transport