Parish Council Minutes – Tuesday 19 June 2018 – Annual General Meeting


  • Anthony Rossiter (chair)
  • Ron Jarman
  • Nick Neale
  • Margaret Neale
  • Stephen Spooner
  • Clare Morgan
  • Diane Rossiter
  • Anne-Marie Appleton
  • Eva Kaltenthaler (minutes)
  • Jenny King
  • Anne Shepherd
  • Alex Krzyz
  • Lyndsay Reynolds
  • Jayne Middlemas
  • Clare Byrne
  • Paul Middlemas
  • Richard Webster
  • Sara Baker
  • Steve Davies
  • Anne Green
  • Grazyna Swales
  • John Green
  • Belinda Barber
  • Alan Wenham
  • Bernie Shepherd
  • Clare Wenham
  • Gillian Burke
  • Derek Hemmingfield
  • Mary Conway
  • Marysia Placzek
  • Jim Conway
  • Angela Titman
  • Tim Baron
  • Jacinta Campbell
  • Richard Bushell
  • Mike Campbell
  • Dave Stanley

1. Opening prayer

Anthony Rossiter led the opening prayer.

2. Brief overview

Anthony Rossiter presented a brief overview of what has been happening in the Parish over the past year.

  • A lift sharing scheme has been put in place.
  • The Parish social was held in May.
  • The Parish Directory has been updated and will be printed and distributed within the next month.
  • Mission continues to be a high priority in the Parish.

3. Financial Report

Derek Hemmingfield presented the annual financial statement showing that there was a modest surplus over the past year.

4. Reports from Parish Council subgroups

The following reports were presented:

  • Justice and Peace (Eva Kaltenthaler)
  • Liturgy and Spirituality (Stephen Spooner)
  • Mission, Evangelisation and Faith Formation (Lindsay Reynolds)
  • Pastoral Care and Community (Anne Shepherd)
  • Maintenance (Eva Kaltenthaler on behalf of David Hughes)
  • Communications (Dave Stanley)

Please see the full Parish Council Annual Report 2017-18.

5. Vision statements and priorities for the Parish

A discussion was held and Parishioners made suggestions for priorities for the Parish:

  • Provision for Youth, this could include Mass books for children who have had their first communion. Another suggestion was for a Youth leader for the Parish and it was suggested that we could request more input from the Diocese for this. A number of other suggestions were put forward and it was agreed that a small group could be formed to develop some of these suggestions.
  • Mass numbers: John Green presented a report on Mass numbers for the past 10 years and it was suggested that this be looked at in more depth and that it would be helpful to compare Mass numbers for 9am and 11am.
  • Social events: There was a request that more Parish social events be held.

6. Pastoral ministry course update

Lyndsay Reynolds is doing the Loyola online course and enjoying it very much. She wanted to thank the Parish for their support. Deacons in the Diocese are also doing the course.

7. Policy on charitable giving

Anthony Rossiter asked for views on how we should make decisions on charitable giving both with regard to which charities to give to and the amounts the Parish Council contributes to these charities. It was suggested that transparency as to how decisions are made was important. The Parish Council will be taking this forward and develop a policy on charitable giving and to share with the Parish.

8. Election of new Parish Councillors

The following Parishioners came forward to stand as new members of the Parish Council:

  • Richard Webster
  • Mike Campbell
  • Phil Rostant
  • Jacquie Stacey

Lyndsay Reynolds kindly agreed to continue on the Parish Council for another term. David Hughes will be standing down although will continue with maintenance tasks. A number of Parishioiners agreed to help out where needed with specific tasks: Richard Bushell, Marysia Placzek, Clare Wenham, Belinda Barber and John Green. Anthony Rossiter thanked the retiring Parish Councillors for their service: Dave Stanley, Anne Shepherd and David and Julie Hughes. It was agreed that for the foreseeable future Parish Council meetings would be held monthly.

9. Sheffield Deanery plans

Stephen Spooner, Stephen Parker and Diane Rossiter have recently attended a Sheffield Deanery meeting to discuss plans moving forward to group Parishes. A summary of the meeting was presented. St Francis will be grouped with St William’s. The two churches will have three Masses between them.

Anthony Rossiter said that he has already had contact with the Priest from St Williams Parish and he is happy to start planning discussions with St Francis. He stressed the need to direct our future as best we can. There are some questions still to be answered such as whether or not we will still have a Parish Council. Other unanswered questions were what will happen with the Easter Vigil and Christmas Eve Masses and what will happen to the current school configurations.

It was not clear what the impact will be on younger people of having fewer Masses. It was also stressed that it was important to hear Father Kevin’s views on any plans for the future. Several people said that it was essential to maintain the spiritual dynamic of the 11am Mass. Other options for spiritual growth could be considered such as: prayer groups, daily offices and Taize services. A joint Parish social with St William’s could be held. The Parish Council will ensure that the whole Parish will be involved in planning the way forward.

10. Closing Prayer

The meeting closed with a prayer and refreshments were enjoyed.

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