Justice and Peace Minutes – Minutes of meeting 05.07.2018


  • Siân (Chair)
  • Stephen
  • Susanne
  • Tim
  • Sarah L


  • Margaret
  • Sarah B

Previous minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Matters arising

  • Food bank – Sarah B not here to report, Tim did not know of anything in particular to raise. The introduction of Universal Credit, due in November/December in Sheffield, may have an impact. Tim mentioned a food club or similar being established where for a small fixed sum a week attenders get a reasonable amount of food.
  • Diocescan J & P day was cancelled due to bad weather, hasn’t yet been rearranged.
  • Church Action on Poverty – Sarah B not here to report. She advised afterwards she isn’t on their committee now but circulated a copy of the recent minutes.
  • CAFOD – Siân has had a thank you letter from Share the Journey from us engaging in the walk and signing the petition. She described her experiences of the day, maybe a hundred people having attended. Stephen said there will be a notice in this week’s bulletin about the online petition to Theresa May regarding the forthcoming international conference on refugees. Six parishioners did the May Day Trek.
  • AGM – Eva has kindly once again done our report to the AGM. Steven attended, nothing in particular was raised.
  • Toolkits for Uganda – Susanne reported that £ 4,684 was raised for the toolkits for students in Uganda. She was keen to pass thanks on to the Parish Council.

Ideas for the autumn

  • Advent – have a parish initiative to buy something like a cow or a well. If we are to meet again in September we could bring ideas for how to raise money.
  • Food bank – it was suggested we could have a push in September around the time that universal credit is introduced. Sarah L will try to think of a way to summarise what it is, about its introduction and when, potential problems, pressures on food banks. Sarah B can be asked what the food bank might find most useful at that time, if we were to have a push.


Sarah L asked about impact on J & P of the link with St William’s. Stephen said nothing would be changing immediately. There will continue to be two parishes and two parish councils, it isn’t a merger. Anything which does happen will happen very slowly. There may be links to be developed in due course and information about what is happening in each parish could be advertised in both. For now, we just wait for our lead from Fr Kevin and the Parish Council.

Date of next meeting

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 5 September (subject to confirmation).