Parish Council Minutes – Tuesday 20 January 2015


  • Fr Kevin Thornton
  • Stephen Spooner (Chair)
  • Belinda Barber
  • John Green
  • Jacinta Campbell
  • Eva Kaltenthaler
  • Jim Conway
  • Jayne Middlemas (minutes)
  • Gill Foster
  • Anne Shepherd


  • Greg Ryan
  • Stephen Parker

1. Fr. Kevin led the prayer

2. The minutes of the last meeting were approved.

3. Maintenance

The maintenance team presented quotes for the various improvement works that had been proposed. Stephen thanked the maintenance team for all their hard work and said that they had done a splendid job. Stephen checked with Father Kevin regarding whether the Parish had the money to pay for all the work. Father Kevin reported that there wasn’t sufficient money in the Parish bank account but that the Parish had money in the Diocese account. We would need to write to the Diocese to ask for some of our money back but he didn’t think that this would be a problem.

Replacement of the hall floor was discussed. It had been agreed that refurbishment of the existing floor was preferable to a brand new floor as any new floor would need be soft wood rather than hard wood. 2 options had been quoted for. It was agreed that option 2 (surface etch) was preferable as it would mean that a similar repair could be carried out again in future to further extend the life of the floor.

Father Kevin was concerned that the automatic lights may turn off when someone was still in the toilets. It was agreed to check with the company whether the lights would remain on for a specific length of time and whether that time reset if a new person entered the toilets or whether they would remain on as long as they detected movement within the toilets.

It was agreed that the minor plumbing repairs in the toilets should be carried out as soon as possible and that John should check with Clare Gavin to identify a suitable time (i.e. with no hall bookings) for the other repairs to take place.

4. Justice and Peace

The minutes of the Justice and Peace meeting on 12th January 2015 are attached.

The Parish Council agreed that the money raised by the children’s liturgy group during advent for Syria and Gaza Strip would be matched with Parish funds. This brings the total raised to £292.44.

There will be a cake sale after Mass on 8th February.

The CAFOD campaigns on climate change and international slavery were discussed. The Parish Council will await further information from the Justice and Peace group during lent.

5. Spirituality

Stephen thanked Jacinta and Greg for their organisation of events during Advent.

Jim asked whether anyone had looked at the document on the synod of the family. They had asked for feedback but he couldn’t find out how to give feedback or what they wanted feedback on. It was agreed that everyone would look at the document and see if there was scope for individuals or the Parish Council to respond or whether we should ask Father Kevin to respond on the Parish’s behalf. We agreed to discuss this further at our next meeting.

6. Nurture

Nothing new to report.

7. Pastoral Care & Community

There will be a ‘Songs of Praise’ event organised by Hallam Churches Together at Nether Green on Sunday 24th May. It will focus on hymns by John Wesley. Each church in the area is asked to choose a hymn. Gill and Belinda will ask Greg to choose a hymn on our behalf.

The Crosspool Festival will take place between Friday 26th June and Sunday 5th July.

Hallam Churches Together are organising an event on food in November.

8. Communications

Nothing new to report.

9. Any other business.

Father Kevin reported that our Gas contract was due to end in February. He wasn’t sure whether we should stick with British Gas or move to another company. He asked if anyone understood these things but no-one did.

There was a brief discussion on the AGM which was scheduled for May. It was felt that it may be better to hold it on a Sunday rather than a Tuesday evening. It was also noted that several Parish Councillors would be stepping down. This would be discussed fully at the next meeting.

10. The meeting closed with a prayer at 9pm.

Next meetings:

Tuesday 17th March and Tuesday 19th May.

Action points.

  • John to check how the timer on the toilet lights would work.
  • John to liaise with Clare Gavin to identify suitable times for the refurbishment work to be carried out.
  • John to arrange for the minor plumbing works to take place as soon as possible.
  • Everyone to read ‘The Call, the Journey and the Mission‘ document before the next meeting.
  • Jayne to add ‘The Call, the Journey & the Mission to the agenda for the next meeting.
  • Gill and Belinda to speak to Greg about the Songs of Praise event on 24th May.
  • Jayne to add the AGM to the agenda for the next meeting.

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