Parish Council Meeting Agenda

Tuesday 21st November, 7:30pm

  1. Opening meditation
  2. Apologies
  3. Minutes of the last meeting
  4. Matters arising
    • Trees done
    • Hall chairs
    • Bike racks
    • Walk
    • Parish Day
    • New parishioners registering
  5. Reports
    • Justice and Peace (action plan?)
    • Spirituality and Liturgy (any ideas for Xmas?)
    • Youth Ministry
    • Maintenance
  6. Chronicle (need a reviewer for the Panto)
  7. AOB
  8. Closing prayer

Parish Council Minutes – July 2023

18 July 2023, 7:30pm

Present: Mike Campbell (chair), Father Kevin, Deacon Stephen Parker Sian Price, and Richard McQuinn.

Apologies: Eva Kaltenthaler, Stephen Spooner, Richard Bushell, Lindsay Reynolds and Maria Levesey

Parishioners Attending: David Bellamy, Jenny King and Miriam Mawimba

Opening Prayer: Two minute meditation

1.      MINUTES

The minutes of the meeting held on 11 May 2023 were approved.

Matters Arising

•        Parish Website: Mike had already done some work on updating the website.  Father Kevin still has a list of items that need removing. He will send these to Mike.

•        Financial Support: The parish had given Benedict Yewdall £100 to participate as a support worker in the Diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes and £300 to Isabel Ruvinski to attend the World Youth Day in Portugal later in the year.  They would be asked to make a brief report on their attendance in due course.

•        Garden Benches: These had now been removed due to their poor state of repair and as younger members of the public were using them inappropriately.

•        Hall Chairs: These still needed some cleaning. The best method had yet to be explored.  One suggestion is that Tesco’s Rug Doctor might also be used to clean upholstery.

•        Finances:  A new member of the Parish Finance Committee is being sought.  A potential candidate had possibly been identified, who would be contacted by Mike.


•        Lenten Retreat: Stephen reported that he believed this had been a success.

•        Big Picture: This course had now been run. Lindsay Reynolds had circulated a report on behalf of herself and the other three organisers Geraldine Houlton, Diane Rossiter and Clare Byrne.  The course ran from March 21st to July 11th with 13 evening session and had an average of 25 attendees.  The verbal feedback during the course was very positive and this was borne out by the high attendance rate and the enthusiasm of the participants. Final written feedback had yet to be analysed but would be reported on in due course.


Sian Price explained the ‘Live Simply’ campaign was gathering momentum with parishioners being canvased for ideas and suggestions.  Many ideas had been received and were being reviewed such as:

•        A virtual equipment list which parishioners would be prepared to allow other parishioners to borrow and use in order to avoid additional purchase of such items that were infrequently used.

•        Green projects for younger parishioners – bee hotels, bug hotels, bird baths, rewilding patch, in the appropriate locations of the parish grounds and garden

•        Holding the Childrens Liturgy and parish meeting such as committee meetings in the parish garden.

•        Acquiring a bicycle rack of up to 4-8 bike capacity.

•        Use of Fair-Trade tea and coffee.


No report was made on this occasion. The Council noted the donations reported earlier in the meeting.


It had been agreed a new wooden notice board would be sited in the parish grounds close to and on the right-hand side of the main path entrance on Sandyagte Road, sized 4 feet by 3 feet.

Jenny King had already circulated the proposed wording for the new notice board. St Wilfred’s could supply the main notice board, but it was currently understood the parish would have to provide posts and site the board.

It was noted that St Francis was one of only a few churches that was regularly left open during the day and not just at service times. It was agreed a balance had to be struck between drawing attention to the church and possibility of prayer and the ongoing security of the premises. 

Following some further discussion, it was agreed the wording of the Notice Board should be be: 

St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church
A Place of Peace and Prayer
Sunday Mass 11 a.m.

Jenny king undertook to get a fee estimate from Saint Wilfred’s.


It was suggested that it might be appropriate for the parish to set aside a small percentage or fixed sum of its annual income to be donated to local charities or good causes each year.

Following discussion, the Parish Council agreed to this suggestion in principle.  It was also agreed that the Justice and Peace Group should be the appropriate body to determine which group received the payment, paying attention to suggestions from parishioners.  Additionally, efforts should be made to ensure charities and groups who did not normally receive high level of funds should especially be considered.


The Council noted a neighbour had reported 2 trees situated at the rear of the car park were overhanging his garden and blocking his light and enjoyment of his house and garden.

The Council also noted a further neighbour had requested the ivy and excess bush growth be removed or cut back from or close to the retaining wall, so that the wall to his garden on the St Francis side could be gradually repaired over time.  Father Kevin reported that had already been achieved by the gardeners during their latest visit.  The neighbour had also asked if the parish could contribute financially in some way to the upkeep of the wall.

The Council considered the above 2 matters as both reasonable requests from neighbours and required a reasonable response, rather than one based on strict legal necessity.

Mike Campbell and David Bellamy undertook to explore the cost of removing, crown thinning or pollarding the trees at the back of the car park with a local tree surgeon.  This should probably be best undertaken in the autumn and would involve some expense; it being noted £3,000 had been spent on similar activities three years ago.

Mike Campbell undertook to explore with Ed Whitaker whether it was appropriate to make any financial contribution to the retaining wall renewal given the retaining was the neighbours property and responsibility.   


Prayers For Peace: It was suggested that a more formal Prayer for Peace could be introduced at the end of Mass.  Father Kevin pointed out that this was perhaps best left in the biddings prayers, as was already done on a regular basis.

Tabletop Sales: It was suggested that the Parish could occasionally organise Tabletop Sales at which parishioners could pay to take a table and sell unwanted items, keeping the proceeds themselves or donate items to a parish table for which proceed would go to the parish.  It was decided this suggestion need some further thought as it would require some organisation.

Parish Newsletter:  It was suggested that a Parish Newsletter could be published in addition to the weekly Franciscan.  This new newsletter would be to include more details of parish activities.  Jenny King and David Bellamy undertook to explore this in more detail.

Parish WhatsApp:  Mike Campbell agreed to investigate the status of the parish WhatsApp group formed during the covid pandemic and whether new parishioners were being invited to join the same.  

Father Kevin read the closing prayer.

At the end of the meeting, the Parish Council and attendees inspected the wall, the trees that needed pruning as well as the potential sites for the new Notice Board and the bike racks

Date of next meeting 12 September 2023 (Thursday) at 7:30pm.

Parish Council Minutes – May 2023

St Francis of Assisi Parish Council Minutes

12 May 2023, 7:30pm

Present: Mike Campbell (chair and minutes), Maria Levesley, Sian Price, Father Kevin, and Richard McQuinn.

Apologies: Deacon Stephen Parker,  Eva Kaltenthaler  Stephen Spooner, Richard Bushell, Lindsay Reynolds

Opening prayer was said by Father Kevin

Matters Arising

The minutes of the meeting held on 14 March 2023 were approved. The reading of the notices by the Readers has improved the audibility of them, and no reader has demurred.

Parish website

Mike has sent some updates to Paul Middlemas.  Father Kevin has a list of items that need removing. He will send this to Mike


The annual financial report was presented at the AGM. The Parish is in good financial health. Some members of the Finance Committee would like to stand down. Replacement members are being sought.


  • A Lenten day retreat run by Deacon Stephen Parker was held on 22 April 2023.
  • The Big Picture course started on 21 March and is running successfully.
  • A Taize evening was held on 29 March.

Justice and Peace

Maria Levesley explained the ‘Live Simply’ campaign and requested permission for a notice board in the Narthex to advertise it, with a few minutes after the notices at Mass on Sunday to point it out.

There is currently no CAFOD representative for St Francis so Angela Powell will send Mike a monthly update and he will highlight any important items for the Franciscan.

Youth Ministry

The Council considered requests from Jonathan Yewdall to fund students from St Francis to World Youth Day and on the Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes. It was unclear what the costs were from the template letter from Sue McDonald and Mike said he would clarify. (Note after the meeting : Sue replied and the cost per student is £1200 for WYD and we have 1 student going. The Diocese has already paid for 12 students). Mike to ask Jonathan about numbers of students and amounts requested. (done)

Any Other Business

Notice board

Mike reported that Jenny King would facilitate a Church notice board on the church border with Sandygate Rd. St Wilfred’s can make one. The Council thought this was a good idea but suggested that it was designed so that it was flexible in what it displayed. Fr Kevin suggested an invitation to come in and pray, since the Church is open for prayer during the day but is rarely used. Mike to encourage Jenny.


Fr Kevin reported that there had been a few young people who appeared to think the church car park garden was a public space and had sat on the garden benches. The Council looked at the benches, which most of the Parish would be unaware of, and thought they should be removed, either to a dump, or somewhere on Sharrow Vale to recycle. The gardeners have a van and may be willing to do this for a fee.

Also the exterior paint work of the Church needs redoing, but unclear whether this was the Diocese’s responsibility.

Hall Chairs

Lindsay mentioned (by email) the poor state of the Hall chairs. Maria said she would be happy to help clean them, as was Sian. Perhaps a small working group could be set up to do this?

Father Kevin read the Closing prayer.

Date of next meeting: 11 July 2023 (Thursday) at 7:30pm.

St Francis of Assisi AGM 2023

27 April 2023, 7:30pm


Mike Campbell (chair)        Stephen Spooner
Llindsay ReynoldsDeacon Stephen Parker
Jacinta CampbellBobbo Levesley
Derek HemmingfieldJayne Middlemas
Father KevinPaul Middlemas
Jenny KingRichard McQuinn
Edmund KingBelinda Barber
Angela Powell (for CAFOD)Richard Bushell
Clare ByrneEva Kaltenthaler (minutes)

Father Kevin led the Opening Prayer.

1. Financial Report

Derek Hemmingfield presented the financial report. Edmund King asked if we are receiving any income from renting out the Hall and if the Hall will be used again. Groups who have used in the past are no longer meeting so don’t require the use of the Hall anymore. The Dance Club are meeting elsewhere now.

Edmund asked if any maintenance work needed doing.  The carpet at the altar needs cleaning and probably replacing. Flooring throughout the church and house will at some stage need replacing. The upper room is a bit dated.

Stephen Parker said that although there is currently a surplus in the accounts it is expected that heating and lighting costs will increase as well as the payment needed for the Diocesan assessment so caution is needed before we start spending. Father Kevin said that there are some issues in the church and house that need sorting out and asked that there be a maintenance person on the Parish Council to look at getting these done.

Action: Parish Council to identify a member to organise sorting out maintenance issues.

It was agreed that there are some dangers with keeping a big surplus so we may need to spend some of the surplus to avoid it being taken away. Mike thanked Derek for presenting the financial report.


Angela Powell from CAFOD thanked the parish for their support to CAFOD, especially Stephen Spooner. Angela described some of the resources available for parishes and activities of CAFOD. Angela asked if a speaker from CAFOD could come and speak after Mass to help find a new CAFOD representative for the Parish. This was not considered to be useful at this stage as there have already been many months of effort to find a new representative. It was hoped that eventually a new representative will come forward. In the mean time Angela will send all CAFOD information directly to Mike.

It was noted that the Dance Club has raised £1800 for CAFOD as well as £2000 for the air ambulance and the Children’s Hospital.

3. Reports from Parish Council Subgroups

Justice and Peace – Stephen Spooner

Stephen described the CAFOD Live Simply campaign which is just getting started in the Parish. The group is looking at ways to get the Parish on board with this initiative. Maria Levesley will lead on this. Stephen also mentioned how well the Foodbank donations are going. There are six dedicated drivers who take the donations to S2 Foodbank and the shopping trolley in the Narthex has helped to encourage parishioners to increase their donations.

Liturgy and Spirituality – Deacon Stephen Parker

Stephen said that we have an active Baptismal preparation group with more people coming forward for Baptism. A new confirmation group will start soon.

Stephen thanked all those musicians, readers, altar servers and others providing support to the liturgy. 

Other activities have included the wonderful Taizé evenings.  Sister Helen gave a series of very well received Advent Talks.

Lindsay Reynolds gave an update on the Big Picture course which is currently running. Thirty people have signed up to take part. The group has been very enthusiastic.  Both St William’s and St Vincent’s were sent invitations to take part. The course will run until July.

Pastoral Care – Mike Campbell

Anne Shepherd has led this group for many years and would now like to stand down. She has actively liaised with other churches in the area. Father Kevin said connections with the local churches are good. Mike thanked Anne for her dedicated service to Pastoral Care.

Action: Parish Council to identify a replacement for Pastoral Care.

Youth Ministry – Richard Bushell

Richard said that the Youth Group currently has 8 members.  This group is for those in year 10 and over. Young people are very involved in many aspects of our Parish, Including as altar servers and musicians. The aim is to have a Youth Mass twice each year. There are 11 children signed up for First Communion and eight for confirmation. 

Clare Byrne gave an update on Children’s Liturgy. There are currently between 4-12 children regularly attending with four adults assisting. Clare is hoping to recruit more helpers and stand down herself.

Father Kevin mentioned a request for donations for young people to go to Lourdes and attend the Youth Day. This will be discussed at the next Parish Council meeting.

Action: Parish Council to discuss donations to Lourdes and Youth Day attendees.

4. Chair’s Report

Mike mentioned that the screens between the church and Hall are now closed due to the reduced COVID risk but may need to be opened up again in the future.

Mike thanked all those who do so much to support the Parish including those who serve tea and coffee after Mass, readers, flower arrangers and those involved with safeguarding.  Mike thanked the Parish Council members and mentioned that the Parish Council had recently agreed to funding new music stands and robes for the altar servers.

5. Views and Suggestions from the Parish

No concerns were raised. Bobbo gave a brief update on safeguarding in the Diocese. 

Jenny King asked if the notice board on the road could be made a bit more welcoming and visible. Stephen Spooner suggested that St Wilfrid’s had a workshop and could make a new sign for us.

Action: Parish Council to discuss getting a new sign made.

Father Kevin read a few notices which will be dealt with at the next Parish Council meeting.

No new members came forward so the Parish Council will need to look at recruiting new members.

Action: Parish Council to recruit new members.

The Closing Prayer was read by Father Kevin.

Justice & Peace Meeting – Minutes 15.11.2021

S2 food bank

Fr Kevin has said we can have a collection box at church for the Christmas collection. Stephen would be willing to do a delivery to St Swithen’s. We could encourage donations as well. We need to know what they want and have a last delivery date. Looking at FaceBook it seemed that probably gave us the necessary information, both in terms of what they are collecting and also the reverse advent calendar which they are doing. We need to get everything there at the latest by 20 December.

Sarah L is to get it in the bulletin this week. Tell people to put food donations in the narthex and also mention cash donations.

Panto/Talent Show

We don’t think this is happening this year – need to ask Liz. £1840 raised last year. This links to the next item on the agenda.  

Cafod current campaigns

The big push was of course COP26. There is a minor campaign on cancelling the debt and they are talking not just about the poorest nations but now the “middle-ranked” nations, eg Ghana, but don’t actually say what they want us to do about that.

The main emphasis in recent updates has been around encourage the purchasing of World Gifts by parishes. In Lent Tim put up a JustGiving page and we made a large sum, £3248. Looking at the main options for this year, we could choose between health and saving the rainforest. The latter might be a good push given COP26. There was a sense that a change of focus might be a better draw but Tim and Sian were keen that attention was kept on the impact of Covid in the developing nations. Stephen wondered if we try for a health clinic – £4000. Sarah L felt that if we tried for that we would have an impact on any panto or talent show if one happened. The idea of a sliding scale of different items depending on how much we raise seemed sensible, with a goal of the health clinic, but Stephen was optimistic that with a big push it was achievable and he is happy to try to “sell” that to the parish.

It was agreed we need to know the plans for any panto or talent show before we could settle on what goal we should set. That means checking in with them and Tim volunteered to do that. If they are not, we could aim high. And it was agreed it isn’t necessary to have a cut-off date of Christmas, just a start date of Advent.


  • Tim to check with Liz about panto/talent show
  • Stephen to draft something for the Franciscan and to ask Fr Kevin who could speak after mass, him or Stephen Parker depending on what
  • Tim is going to set up the JustGiving page

Walk with Amal

Some members of the parish joined this.

Refugee family

Our application is ready to go off for approval once we have the formal letter of support from Sheffield City Council. Once our group is approved work will begin with South Yorkshire Housing to find a house to match a family.


The dance club are rehearsing away from church and are looking for a suitable venue. They’ll probably raise money for a refugee or asylum project such as Assist.

Next meeting 17 Feb 8pm, location depending on pandemic and weather.

Parish Council Minutes – Wednesday 12 September 2018

Present: Fr Kevin Thornton, Nick Neale (chair), Stephen Spooner, Eva Kaltenthaler, Richard Webster, Clare Byrne, Lindsay Reynolds

1. Opening prayer

2. Apologies: Phil, Anne, Stephen P, Jacquie, Anthony and Mike

3 & 4. Minutes July 16th and matters arising

  • ICE for the moment Lindsay and Clare will compile a list of key holders and their contact details. Bishop Ralph’s phone details to be available.
  • Stephen Parker will arrange a meeting with St Williams in October
  • Some of St Williams’ parishioners are attending CAFÉ.
  • Clare will prepare the Parish directory for distribution at the parish day on Oct 7th.
  • Clare continues to follow up the toys belonging to the now disbanded mums and toddler group.

5. Patronal Feast

One Mass at 10am followed by a social gathering with coffee and cakes. Parish council members will be available to chat to the parishioners. Eva will put a notice in Franciscan to encourage people to make cakes.

6. Hall floor refurbishment.

Father Kevin is waiting for a quote for a new surfacing material. The floor has been sanded twice and will not take it again. The new coating will prolong its life.

7. Bishop’s requirements for Mass timetabling.

A letter is expected from the Bishop asking us to prepare a Mass schedule for use when we are relying on one priest. It seems inevitable that we will go down to one Mass on a Sunday. This however is at the planning stage and awaits consultation with Father Cook. Various issues relating to the changes were discussed.

8. AOB

  • At the musicians meeting Richard said they would timetable another Pizza and Praise session and he was asked if Taize evenings could be arranged for Advent
  • Discussion about the AV trolley and the equipment. Stephen S will look for a stand suitable for use with the new sound system and will ask other users about their use of the other equipment.
  • The ‘Gift’ CAFÉ course is going very well with around 30 participants.
  • There was a discussion about Catholic schools and their admission policies. This is an important issue and needs to be taken further. Add to the next agenda.

9. Closing prayer

Next meeting: 14th November at 7pm