Virtual Parish Gathering

Dear St Francis parishioners

Our virtual parish gathering will work as follows:

    • We will open the Zoom meeting from 10:30am.
    • At 11am, we will start the service.
    • We will welcome everyone, in turn, after the sign of the cross, by calling on people by name and having each person or family wave to everyone. Everyone will be muted except the liturgy leader at that time. It really helps if we know who you are so please use your name as your Zoom name if you can.
    • We will usually draw upon the readings for the Mass of the Day.
    • We’ll use the Chat feature for the intercessions.
    • There will be a song at the end with actions. Please visit the Facebook page if you would like to practise it during the week.
    • After the end of the service, we will have about 5-10 minutes to let everyone get themselves a cup of tea or coffee (and a biscuit!). Then we will randomly allocate everyone who is still logged in into a tea & coffee group. Please have a chat with the people in your group. You can leave your group and come back into the main ‘vurch’ at any time.

See the bottom of this page for more information about Zoom and how to join.

We would like as many people as possible to take a turn in the liturgy. If you’d like to host, prepare the service, lead a service, read, lead a hymn, do the intercessions or choose and lead the action song at the end, please get in touch by e-mail. We’d also like to set up a group of people to help others to use Zoom so please let us know if you can help with that.

It is really important that everyone use the email address, because none of us know whether we might need to take time away for a while.

If you can’t or prefer not to join us, but would like us to pray for you or a loved one, please let us know by email or Facebook.


Liz, Chris, Tammy and Phil (and Bobbo, Maria, Richard, Petra, Emma and Jon)

Instructions for Zoom

Download and install Zoom. Once you get in, you will see an option to ‘Join a Meeting’.

Some detailed guidance on setting up and using ZOOM is available here.

The Zoom meeting will start at 10:30am to give time for us to ‘gather’. We aim to start the act of worship at 11am.

Use the details below to enter the meeting:

    • Meeting ID: 700 601 109
    • Password: StFrancis (note, there is no space between St and Francis)

Choose to join with or without video. Call using internet audio. Across the top or bottom of the screen, there will be several options. If you can’t see them, touch the screen or move the mouse and they should appear.

You can mute and unmute your microphone. At times we will be muting everyone’s microphone (except the leader for that part).

The words for the hymns will be on the screen. We don’t have the technology to actually sing together but you will be able to hear the family leading the hymn and sing along as your microphone will be muted.