Guidance on ZOOM

Setting up Zoom using YouTube videos

These videos on YouTube are useful to people who are intending and/or already using the Zoom (a free video conferencing app/meeting software). There are three different authors and the depth of coverage of the video varies.

[Please note: For PC devices, Zoom works best with the Google Chrome browser so if you don’t have this installed on your device you will need to install that first before installing Zoom. Go to Google search engine and type “google chrome install” and follow links.]

The first three videos are reasonably short and for someone familiar with their device (either an Apple MAC or PC) they are a good introduction. Just Click with your mouse on the following links to view:

How to download Zoom on laptop and join a Zoom meeting (2:28 min)

How to setup a meeting in 1 minute and invite participants (1:18 min)

How do I share my screen using Zoom (video conference screen sharing) (2:46min)

Alternatively, this video is useful if you are sent a link by email inviting you to join a Zoom meeting then this shows you what to do:

How to install Zoom on MAC and PC (3:30min)

The next 2 videos provide more detailed tutorials than the above on how to download and install Zoom on Mac/PC and join/create a meeting. You’ll learn to get started with Zoom by being shown: how to signup free, join an existing meeting, and how to create your own meeting plus send out invitations for it.

How to Download and Install Zoom on Mac/PC and Join/Create a Meeting (2:12 min)

Here are some quick links for getting to what you’d like to watch in the video:

0:00 How to download and install; 0:30 How to join a meeting; 1:05 How to create a meeting

Whereas if you want a tour of Zoom’s 10 most basic & useful features to help get you orientated when first starting with Zoom. This is a guide for the computer (laptop/desktop) version of the Zoom app. It is aimed at beginner and intermediate Zoom users. Similar steps for both Mac and PC Windows. The video provides lots of useful tips on its functionality: (6:42 min)

Getting started with and how to use Zoom – 10 most useful features

Tips in this guide:

0:44 #1 Optimise the window size

1:02 #2 The mute/un-mute button

1:28 #3 Stop/start your video

1:56 #4 Speaker/gallery toggle

2:44 #5 The chat box

3:08 #6 Screen sharing basics

3:54 #7 Basic audio tips

4:20 #8 Using a custom virtual background

5:35 #9 Emojis and reactions

5:57 #10 Un-mute hotkey

Diane Rossiter

11 April 2020