10 Top Tips to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

  1. Fly less. Take a train, bus or boat if possible.
  2. Reduce car usage. 5000 miles/year less will save over 1 Ton of CO2
  3. Eat less meat and dairy. 1/8 of all global greenhouse gas is from beef production.
  4. Try vegetarian cooking. The soya and quorn products in the supermarket make excellent substitutes for meat. There are a wealth of vegetarian recipes available in cookbooks, magazines and online.
  5. Avoid food waste. Try to only buy what you need and use up leftovers.
  6. Try to avoid out of season fresh produce flown in from overseas.
  7. Avoid packaging where possible when shopping. For example, buy loose fruit and veg.
  8. Take your own cup to the coffee shop and they will probably give you a discount.
  9. Switch to an energy supplier that invests in renewable energy. Get your house insulated. Switch appliances off rather than leaving them on standby.
  10. In the garden, make your own compost, grow perennials rather than annuals and reduce use of concrete or paving.