Parish Council Minutes – Wednesday 13 March 2019

Present: Anne Shepherd, Stephen Parker, Clare Byrne, Father Kevin Thornton, Richard Webster, Mike Campbell, Phil Rostant, Nick Neale (chair), Stephen Spooner, Lindsay Reynolds, Eva Kaltenthaler (minutes)
Apologies: Anthony Rossiter

Father Kevin opened the meeting with a prayer.

Matters arising
Maintenance issues:  The leak in the narthex has been repaired  The hall floor will be repaired over the April school holiday period  The garden wall is bulging and needs repointing. It is not clear whose wall it is. We need to check with the Diocesan Property Manager to determine this.

Parish Mass issues
A rota for Eucharistic ministers has been prepared and will come into effect from March 24th
More readers are needed and an e-mail will be sent round to encourage former readers to reconsider coming forward to read at Mass. We also need volunteers to act as welcomers as three are now required not two as previously. Volunteers are also needed for the tea and coffee rota.
Action: Lindsay to send list of readers to Phil
Action: Phil to e-mail former readers to encourage them to join the reading rota
Action: Clare to e-mail former welcomers and those previously on the tea and coffee rota to invite them to join the rotas

There are still some problems with parking especially for late comers. A note will go in the bulletin so that parishioners are aware that the football ground may not be used for parking.
Action: Nick to put note in the bulletin about parking

A suggestion box will go out in the Narthex on the 3rd Sunday of Lent for two weeks asking for positive suggestions to improve the Parish Mass.
The back of the church will now be opened up each Sunday as a matter of routine.


Youth Group
Richard reported that the Youth Group is going well so far. The people attending make and share a meal together and have discussions on suggested topics. They currently meet on Wednesdays but there may be difficulties with using the hall and upper room as the first communion classes will start soon. They may meet in people’s houses instead and are exploring a range of options. They are hoping to include St William’s parish in the near future.

Mission, Evangelisation and Faith Formation
Lindsay informed the council that St Williams is running an alpha course to start on 24 April. More information will be made available to St Francis so that St Francis parishioners can attend.

The AGM will be held on 7 May (Tuesday) at 8 pm.
Some members of the Parish council will be leaving in May as their term of office is finishing. More members will be needed.

Reports will be needed from all groups by 1 May:  Liturgy and Spirituality (Stephen Spooner/Stephen Parker/Clare/Mike)  Mission, Evangelisation and Faith Formation (Lindsay /Stephen Parker/Clare)  Justice and Peace (Eva)  Pastoral Care and Community (Anne)  Maintenance (David Hughes)  Communications (Anthony and Richard)  Liaison with St. Williams (Phil and Mike)

Action: Nick to put notes in the bulletin to encourage new members for the Parish Council and to inform the parish of the date and time of the AGM.
Action: Reports to Eva from all groups. These will be printed and displayed at the AGM
Action: Eva to contact finance officer (Derek Hemmingfield) and send e-mail reminder to parish council to bring cakes and help with set up.
Action: Eva and Stephen Spooner to buy refreshments

Any other business
Hallam Council of Churches
Anne reported that the Hallam Council of Churches are planning to visit St Francis on their walk on Good Friday. They aim to have a short service in the church followed by refreshments.

Action: Stephen Spooner to develop PowerPoint presentation of the St Francis Stations of the Cross
Action: Father Kevin to do the service
Action: Anne to organise refreshments

Stephen Spooner asked if there is anything we could do to support the many parishioners who are having difficulties getting their children into a Catholic primary school. St Francis is in a unique position in that children in the parish are only eligible for admittance to only one school (St Marie’s) while other parishes have more than one school. It was agreed that the Diocesan Primary School Advisor will be invited to the next parish council meeting to discuss the issue of school attendance for this parish.
Action: Nick to invite the Diocesan Primary School Advisor to the next parish council meeting

Confirmation should take place this year. It is unclear how many people are ready and interested in confirmation and we don’t have anyone lined up to do the catechesis.
Action: Father Kevin to gauge interest from parish for confirmation
Action: Stephen Parker agreed to deliver the course with Richard offering support if possible, depending on the timings.

The meeting was closed with a prayer from Father Kevin.
The next meeting will be held on 10 July 2019 (Wednesday); 7 pm in the Presbytery.