The sick

The Parish Priest should be notified as soon as possible of any sick people who need a visit either from himself or another person. In the case of chronic or acute illness, the Sacrament of the Sick should be given and Holy Communion brought to the sick person at home or in hospital.

The Parish maintains a list of people who are sick for parishioners to pray for. This list is displayed on the notice board in the Narthex and included in the Franciscan newsletter when space permits. Please inform the Parish Priest, preferably in writing, of any names to be added or removed from this list.

Parishioners who are admitted to hospital

stethoscopeWhenever a Catholic is admitted to hospital as an in-patient, it is important that arrangements are made for them to be visited by the Catholic hospital chaplain. However, because of the implementation of the Data Protection Act, the relevent Chaplain may not always receive details of new patients. It would be helpful if the details (name, address and ward, if known) of any patient admitted to hospital were given to the Hospital Chaplaincy Department.

As the chaplain is not a priest, anyone needing sacramental ministrations will need to call upon the priests of the city. If someone is sick and knows that they are to be admitted to hospital, please inform Father Kevin so that they can receive the Sacrament of the Sick before they go in.

  • Royal Hallamshire Hospital & Jessop Wing – 271 2573
  • Weston Park Hospital – 249 8225
  • Northern General Hospital – 243 4343
  • Sheffield Children’s Hospital – 271 7000
  • Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust – 271 8022