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January 2005

Parish Councillors reviewed how to assist the activities taking place within their areas of responsibility and how to facilitate the development of further activities which the parish identified as desirable and whether further consultation of parishioners was advisable.

September 2004

A well-attended AGM was held where the Parish model was approved and adopted. New councillors were elected and areas of responsibility shared out.

April 2004

The Parish Council approved the proposed Parish model.

December 2003

The Parish Council formed a new sub-committee to turn the prototype Parish model into a working model with detailed areas of responsibility for parish councillors and guiding principles for operating within it.

November 2003

The first Parish Day, in effect a mini-Assembly, was held. The day began with a single Parish Mass rather than the usual three and ended with a short prayer service.

October 2003

The sub-committee produced a plan and timetable. Every member of the parish was asked to complete a questionnaire to identify what they could offer the parish, what they needed from the parish and what they saw as the most pressing concern for the parish.

September 2003

Representatives reported back from the Diocesan Assembly. The Parish Council set up a sub-committee to produce a plan for implementing the findings of the Assembly.