Parish council minutes July 10th 2019 updated

Minutes of St Francis of Assisi Parish Council Meeting 10 July 2019 7pm

Present:- Fr Kevin Thornton – Parish Priest

Nick Neale, Belinda Barber, Clare Byrne, Anne Shepherd

1) The meeting opened with a prayer

2) Apologies:- Lindsay Reynolds, Mike Campbell,Phil Rostant,  Anthony Rossiter

3) Matters arising from AGM:- Belinda and Mike to help with Justice & Peace

4) Autumn CAFÉ course – this will commence In the Autumn on Tuesday evenings after Mass for 6 weeks. Topic “Gifts of the Spirit”.

Lindsay and Clare will be have a planning meeting next week

5) Emergency Plan – In the event of an emergency concerning Fr Kevin It would be necessary to telephone Bishop Ralph and Fr John Cooke.

It Is also necessary to find out exactly who has keys to the premises. Clare will put an appeal In the newsletter to find out.

Clare will also review Parish Directory.

6) Diocesan Directory of Social Action – Each Parish will be asked to produce current lists of people who are responsible for each section. Nick Neale will contact Mike Murphy to proceed with this.

7) Wall and Trees – Diocesan Property Manager – Tom Garrud has visited the Parish and has had a meeting with Fr Kevin to discuss:-

A) the leaking roof In the narthex – experts to be asked to return to help with yet further plans to determine cause of continuous leaks

B) One of the houses at the side of our car park Is having problems with the high trees on our land overlooking his house and blocking light. An Arborist will be contacted to survey what needs to be done. The condition of the boundary wall outside the church also needs looking at. Tom Garrud has looked at the wall and has suggested that we ask an engineer to look at the condition and see what repairs are needed.

8) Any other business:- Fr Kevin needs to be contacted to find out how many children will be receiving Confirmation from Bishop Ralph

 Numbers needed. Notices are currently being advertised In the Franciscan.

The meeting closed with a prayer at 8.20pm

Justice and Peace Minutes – Minutes of meeting 03.07.2019

Present Sian (chair), Eva, Stephen, Tim, Susanne. Sarah B (minutes)

Apologies Sarah L, Margaret

Matters arising from previous minutes

Very positive feedback about the Lenten reflections – although some would appreciate a larger and more distinct font.

May Day Trek – poorly attended by the parish.

S2 Food Bank – we have received a certificate of thanks for our contributions.

Diocesan Environmental Policy

Unfortunately this was received by us at rather short notice. It seems unclear whether the policy will remain in this rather confused format, or will be edited before being launched. What form will the launch take? There were some comments on the scope of the policy –Individual comments to be sent to Eva a.s.a.p.

Creation Service

It was agreed that this would be a service (as opposed to a Mass) – at 7.30 on Friday 18th October. The format will be readings, prayers and music (suggestions from the Cafod booklet), to last about 30 minutes and to be followed by cake etc, coffee/tea. On each table there will be a copy of the Quiz and “10  practical things to do to make a change”. To help estimate numbers for catering purposes, tickets will be sold at £2.00 – proceeds to fund a ?bird box/bee hotel or similar in church garden. People will also be asked to sign a petition to the Prime Minister.

Eva will liaise with Richard re the involvement of the music and the youth groups  – and find a date in August for a meeting with him, others interested and any of J&P group who can attend- principally to structure the service, plus other arrangements.

Eva will also circulate to us likely overseas cake recipes to practice.

Stephen will liaise with Fr Kevin;  will add information to the newsletter, cake, nearer the time.

Susanne and Stephen will produce the “10 things to do”.

Susanne will produce the tickets.

Tim will edit down the Quiz.

Sarah will contact Anne Shepherd re advertising the event to the Hallam council of Churches, and will gather signatures for the Cafod petition.

Meeting to finalise arrangements – Wednesday 16th October.


Panto Tim has offered to help with the script.